Caravan industry body to target compliance issues

Published: August 10, 2015

A couple of months ago, a little known regulation covering the height at which a number plate is mounted on the back of a caravan stirred up a hornet’s nest of angst amongst the caravanning community.

There was near universal outrage when around-Australia-traveller, Steve Laws, was fined $415 and given three demerit points because the rear licence plate on his Crusader van was sitting 30cm higher than regulations allow.

Now, peak industry body, the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), has reacted to concerns that this is not the only regulation that the manufacturers of some rigs are overlooking

In a statement, the association said that, over the coming months, it is to actively undertake Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program (RVMAP) audits and, during its inspections, will focus on recurring issues. It says these issues include:

  • Lighting and reflectors – height and visibility
  • Insufficient load carrying capacities
  • Trailer plate (VIN Plate) missing regulatory information.
  • Missing/incorrect Gas Labelling

In order to be accredited, Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers must manufacture products according to all the relevant Australian Design Rules, applicable standards and also to RVMAP’s Code of Practice.

“Caravan Industry Association of Australia wishes to acknowledge the efforts and support of all the manufacturers who have been audited and have taken the necessary action to resolve any audit issues,” said the associate statement. “A big congratulations to the manufacturers who have completed their audit and have been issued with their new Accreditation Certificates.”

  • Has your van fallen short of any regulations? Do you check that your van complies with all regulations, or do you trust the manufacturer/dealer to ensure all is right? Comment below.
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Michae Cameron
7 years ago

Also the view of the plate must be visible (its got me how lots of 4x4s with spare wheel alongside plate had got thru registration checks..FROM NEW)

7 years ago

Yes easy money , why don’t they chase some real criminals.

7 years ago

Our Millard ( another NSW manufacturer) also has the licence plate to high for NSW regulations although I am not sure about other states.
They should also be looking at the load ratings of the tyres and wheels fitted from the factories as they can also be pretty marginal.

7 years ago

OK, the caravan manufactures have to comply with the regs. But are the owners of RV`s still fair game for the cops?
Their should be a time given for RV owners to comply.
Their would not be many RV owners aware of this stupid rule.

RV owners are being used as a cash cow.

I am in north Qld and their are a large number of caravans with number plates in excess of 1300mm.

This is NOT a safety issue

Maurie Young
6 years ago

When a caravan or in fact any RV is inspected for registration at the state transport department offices, is issued a number plate and the relevant papers, it must then be street legal. Any fines incurred by the owner or operator should be passed on to that state transport department offices as they are the ones who authorized the caravan/RV to be to be street legal.

6 years ago
Reply to  Maurie Young

You would think so,wouldn’t you Maurie, but that is not the case, the police say it is the driver who must ensure that the vehicle/van meets all regulations. Like you, I thought that was the reason your vehicle when through the inspection and licensing process. Ah, I forgot, more revenue for the Police!!!

robert wheat
6 years ago

Hi maurie fair point .I think that if the van is new and under present warranty u may have a case to make the sales company pay but if second hand or out of warranty then it may be on you but like stated who would be aware of this rule only the maker ?

6 years ago

just checked with the NSW registration office 1.3 m from the ground to your number plate , if the spare wheel is in the middle the plate is still to be move as long there is a clear view to plate at 45degs both side of plate. at 20 m it is legal strange laws???


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