Caravanner rolls down embankment into trees

Published: October 19, 2015

A 70-year-old man had a lucky escape when his tow vehicle and caravan rolled down an embankment on the New England Highway near Dalveen.

RACQ CareFlight flew the man to Toowoomba Base Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

He was travelling from the Australian Caravan Club’s National Muster at Beaudesert when his friends travelling back in a separate vehicle noticed he was no longer behind them.

Rob Tudor said they tried to contact him over two-way-radio.

“We were about to turn around when we saw a police car speed past,” he told the Warwick Daily News.

Before the man was airlifted, he reportedly requested his companions find the urn containing ashes of his deceased wife from the wreckage.

It is believed the caravanner allegedly veered left off the road after the Granite Belt drive turn-off and rolled down the embankment into trees.

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