Grey nomads escape as caravan goes up in flames

Published: September 11, 2020

A grey nomad couple have seen their Big Lap dreams go up in smoke after a fire destroyed their caravan.

The retirees were camping at the Carcoar Dam recreation area in the New South Wales Central West when the drama unfolded.

Initial calls to the Canobolas Zone Rural Fire Service reportedly mentioned a gas bottle explosion as the cause of the fire. However, the Blayney Chronicle reports that investigations later indicated the initial cause was a battery charger that had over-heated.

It seems the gas cylinder exploded during the height of the fire.

An RFS spokesperson said that both the occupants, and their dog, were safe.

“By the time the brigade reached the park it was a fait accompli and all they could do was help quell the fire with extra water,” she told the Blayney Chronicle. “The couple were able to save a few personal items, but it’s a terrible thing to happen when you’re on your holiday and far from home.”

The newspaper reports that couple are currently working with local support agencies to find accommodation.

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1 year ago

How sad. I feel for the couple involved. I’m glad they are ok.

Pat. from the Top End.
1 year ago would be absolutely horrible to have this happen.
We get very attached to our little mobile homes with all the familiar accessories and comforts.
Can never take anything for granted in our travelling world.
Stay alert, safe and good luck…!

1 year ago

what type of battery charger, for the main battery or other item, does anyone know ??


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