Sight of mating cassowaries startles caravan park visitors

Published: June 22, 2022

In scenes raunchy enough to make even the most open minded of grey nomads blush, two mating cassowaries have put on quite a show at a tropical north Queensland caravan park.

The uninhibited birds ‘entertained’ a large crowd of visitors to the Etty Bay Caravan Park in Etty Bay, north of Mission Beach.

According to the Cairns Post, the scene elicited a variety of responses from startled onlookers.

One man reportedly said: ‘they are just warming each other up’, while a woman explained the situation to a child by saying, ‘they are just a bit cold’.

Etty Beach Caravan Park is known for its regular sightings of cassowaries, but regional manager Yeyan Dela Cruz said this was something she had never before seen.


“I have seen them chasing each other, but this is something new,” she told the Cairns Post. “They are quite regular here, we usually see them in the early mornings and in the afternoons.”

Ms Dela Cruz said the cassowaries were always a crowd pleaser.

“Most of our guests right from making a booking they ask how often they see the cassowaries or the best time they can be spotted,” she said. “They are very interested in them.”

Cassowaries mate during the breeding season which is from June to October.

  • What’s the most memorable anima sighting you’ve had in a caravan park or camping area? Comment below.
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5 days ago

Watching the sillouettes of two people mating, changing positions frequently in a white tent with thin material walls & a gas light on at night.

5 days ago

And this is why we avoid caravan parks


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