CCTV cameras … coming to a campsite near you?

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Can CCTV cameras save lives in campsites
The SOS message scrawled in the dirt - and spotted by a CCTV camera - that saved a woman's life.

With more travellers venturing into the Outback, there have been rising incidences of anti-social behaviour in the bush.

One possible way of tackling the problem is to install more CCTV cameras in remote locations in order to discourage poor behaviour, and perhaps identify those who do the wrong thing.

This technology might also help in search and rescue efforts when bushwalkers go missing or vehicles fail to arrive at their destinations.

Recently, 55-year-old woman Deborah Pilgrim was rescued after a man remotely monitoring CCTV footage of his unoccupied South Australian rural property noticed an SOS sign etched into a dirt driveway.

Ms Pilgrim had been lost for three days after getting disorientated on a walk in dense bushland.

So, should CCTVs be more widely used in the bush?

South Australia’s Department for Environment and Water says reports of vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the state’s national parks are low.

“Remote cameras have been installed in parks, however usually on a temporary basis for operational matters,” said a Department spokesperson. “National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia also install cameras for wildlife and conservation programs.”

The possible installation of CCTV cameras at places like campsites would also raise privacy concerns.

“National Parks uses surveillance cameras to monitor wildlife, pest species such as foxes and for law enforcement like illegal dumping,” said a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service spokesperson. “However, this service must follow strict procedures to protect the privacy of people whose images are captured on cameras.”

As we reported last week, trials are already under way in New Zealand in which cameras are being installed at certain remote camping sites.

  • Would you feel safer if CCTV cameras were installed at our campsites, or would you feel like you were being ‘spied on’ during Happy Hour? Comment below.
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4 Responses to CCTV cameras … coming to a campsite near you?

  1. I don’t mind National Parks using surveillance cameras to monitor wildlife, pest species such as foxes and for law enforcement like illegal dumping

    I think the people who are trashing national parks deserve everything they get

    On privacy, unless your dancing naked around a raging fire at midnight, people shouldn’t worry

  2. Now just wait for all the snivel libertarians to come out of the wood work with all the reasons that we should not allow these cameras, “poor little Johnny maybe having a joint with his recreational drugs, forgetting they are illegal, so why should he be photographed”. they will always come up with some illogical reasoning because there are some parts of our community that just can’t take responsibility for themselves.

  3. Agree hope that when someone is caught the punishment should be a fine to cover the damage and the camera

  4. Target practice for hoons and vandals…!

    Take a look at some roadsigns.

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