Celebrity-spotting nomads play Big Lap fame game

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Grey nomads go camping with the stars
Who is the most famous person you have camped with?

While caravan parks and camping areas aren’t normally well known as being magnets for the rich and famous, it seems that many do have real star quality.

A recent investigation by the Herald Sun newspaper has discovered that among the grey nomads and holidaymakers, there are certain campsites where you’ve got a high chance of rubbing shoulders with some serious celebrities. While Brad Pitt hasn’t yet been spotted sipping Chardonnay under his annexe in an Aussie national park, it seems anything is possible.

Much of the Angelina Jolie directed blockbuster, Unbroken, which is already causing a massive Oscar stir, was filmed in Australia … and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean is set to start filming in Queensland soon. When shooting out at truly remote locations where five-star penthouse suites are in short supply, the most obvious answer to accommodation issues is camping … even if your name is Johnny Depp.

For grey nomads keen to do some camping with the stars though, the most obvious place to start is the  Sydney Lakes Holiday Park in Narrabeen where the cast and crew of Home and Away commonly set up temporary home. The park has also featured on Better Homes and Gardens, Sydney Weekender, Top Design, Eat, Play and Stay and The Matty Johns Show. With a surf beach on one side and a serene lake on the other, it’s not a bad place to stop in any case.

If you’re in Victoria over the next few weeks and you’re looking t get stars in your eyes, the Crystal Brook Tourist Park near Warrandyte is the place to be.  The film, Downriver, which stars Reef Ireland, Kerry Fox, Robert Taylor and Helen Morse is being filmed in the area and half the crew are setting up camp here.

And, if you’re spending the night at Middle Beach Caravan Park in the Adelaide area soon, you might also just get lucky on the celebrity front. A host of big movies including Red Dog, Australian Rules, Angela’s Decision and Wolf Creek have included scenes from here … and you never know what comes next!

  • Which famous people have you run into while on your Big Lap? Who would you most like to find camping next to you?   Comment below.

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2 Responses to Celebrity-spotting nomads play Big Lap fame game

  1. One time on one of our round Oz trips, we were at Narrabeen Lakes CP
    Fast Ed was there doing a cooking segment with Better Homes And Gardens. I thought it was ok but SWMBO was over the moon. Besides that it is a great park with excellent public transport out the back gate.

  2. Heard recently that Denise Drysdale was selling up and hitting the road. Looking forward to a happy hour with ding dong!

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