Grey nomads given warm welcome in uncertain times

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Charleville has a lot to offer grey nomads
Charleville has a lot to offer grey nomads

While the coronavirus crisis has created a climate of extreme uncertainty for travellers, it appears that grey nomads who have ‘done the right thing’ and are following all Covid-safe protocols are still being warmly welcomed in many areas.

The Courier-Mail newspaper reports that the caravan parks in Charleville, Queensland, have been ‘going ballistic’ since borders reopened.

And Murweh Mayor Shaun Radnedge said the arrival of a cavalry of caravans was ‘bloody good news’.

Murweh Shire had reportedly had hopes of a prosperous tourist season after January rains broke a longstanding drought, but Covid-19 restrictions meant van parks were largely empty between March and May.

That started to change when borders re-opened last month.

“When you could travel within Queensland, we were getting eight to 10 people,” Cobb and Co caravan park owner John Mossley told the Courier-Mail. “Now, with borders opening, we’re getting 30 to 40 people.”

However, the recent upsurge in cases in Victoria and the tightening of some border regulations has cast a shadow on the fledgling ‘revival.

“The majority of our trade is from Victorians, Tasmanians and South Australians,” Mr Mossley said.

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4 Responses to Grey nomads given warm welcome in uncertain times

  1. Had no problems so far. We are from Regional Victoria (Gippsland) and left before the border closed. Kept all records of where we stayed in NSW along the coast. Didn’t go near the Sydney hotspots. Did the paperwork for Qld border no problems. All the CP’s have a good COVID free routine going with cleanliness and paperwork. No Nomads have passed on the virus yet and all seem to be very aware of the protocols required. Let’s face it we are of the age group that has to be vigilant.

  2. Saw a notice that said “Your G’father/father fought in the wars to keep us all safe, now it’s the younger people’s turn to keep them safe”
    I hope that sinks in to the minority who are cheating the system.

    Stay safe…!

    • Pat, I could not have put it better. Well posted.

  3. I am single woman wanting to relocate from Victoria to WA and take my 3old dogs. For that reason I don’t want to fly. I have crossed the Nullarbor twice with my husband who I lost 3 years ago. I will hire a camper van and can take my time, if SA will allow me to quarantine with my doggies WA will let me in. Has anyone had experience with this and has anyone done the drive alone?

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