NSW town keen to cast Chris as its cash cow

Published: October 21, 2021

A small NSW town is making an audacious bid to turn itself into a tourism mecca by cashing in on the pulling power a Hollywood superstar.

Cowra in the state’s central west has launched a bizarre – but attention-grabbing – campaign to get Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth to the town, asking: ‘Where the bloody hell is he?’

The town’s Tourism Manager Glenn Daley came up with the idea when he saw Chris Hemsworth had become the ambassador of Lord Howe Island.

“I jumped on his Instagram page and saw how many hits he was getting on his photos and stuff and thought, well maybe he needs to come and see regional New South Wales,” Mr Daley said. “We’d love him to be an ambassador or patron of Cowra.”

The town has vowed to build a statue of the Thor actor if he agrees to visit … and plans have already been drawn up.

The monument would be called ‘The Big Chris’, standing 40 metres tall and 10 metres wide. Those behind the initiative say the statue would have ‘a beard like spun canola’.

So, could this thing actually happen?

“I think it’s a little bit of tongue in cheek and a little bit of fun,” said Mayor Bill West. “But the hands of welcome would be open if he chooses to come and see the wonderful delights of Cowra.”

Watch this space.

  • Would a statue of ‘Big Chris’ make you more likely to visit Cowra? Comment below.
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9 months ago

Not particularly. Having enjoyed several visits to Cowra in the past we would, if circumstances permitted, visit Cowra again to experience the beauty of the area and its friendly people, regardless of whether this idea goes ahead or not.

9 months ago

I’ve got to ask: why would Hemsworth take the risk of a statue of himself being made only for someone in the future to take “offence” at something and have the statue cancelled?

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