Festive sneer! Van park vandals destroy Xmas tree

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Christmas tree vandalism
CCTV footage shows the Christmas tree being dragged away,

Sadly, mindless vandalism is becoming a common problem at caravan parks, camping areas, and beauty spots up and down the country.

Seeing the evidence of such acts – broken bottles, smashed windows, graffiti etc – is  one thing, but actually seeing the people in the act of carrying out these pointless deeds takes things to a head-shaking new level.

Esperance Police have just released CCTV images of several young males allegedly vandalising Christmas decorations at Bathers Paradise Caravan Park on December 1 … and the vision begs just one question … WHY?

According to police, two males allegedly approached an inflatable Santa outside of the caravan park on Westmacott Street in Castletown, tearing it down and destroying it beyond repair.

That was at 10pm. An hour later, one male allegedly approached a light-up reindeer, kicking it with his right leg. Less than 10 minutes after that, a male allegedly pulled down a light up Christmas tree and took it with him as he fled the scene.

The Esperance Express reports that the tree was later recovered nearby. The newspaper says that another male can be seen with the offender during the incident holding a wine bag.

It beggars belief that people would choose to cause such senseless destruction and show such contempt for others who have made the effort to spread Christmas joy and goodwill during the festive season.

The Bathers Paradise Caravan Park is a family-owned establishment which offers shady sites for caravans, tents, and motorhomes, as well as cabin accommodation.

Esperance Police have urged anyone with information or that recognises the individuals in the CCTV footage to come forward.

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5 Responses to Festive sneer! Van park vandals destroy Xmas tree

  1. These idiots need their arses kicking until their noses bleed.

    • Absolutely agree 110% Bastards have NO respect and NO courage as they carry out their mindless vandalism under the cover of darkness ! Spineless grubs !

  2. The usual question ? Where are the parents ? Just don’t care !!

  3. they act like feral animals and should be treated as such.

  4. Sometimes it is best not to publish this sort sort of behaviour in the media (radio, press an TV). I know for a fact that most of the time these animals, feral, idiots or whatever you want to call them thrive on publicity. Problem is then they try and do something bigger and better to get noticed – really do not know what the answer is

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