The whole of Australia is looking for missing Cleo

Published: October 21, 2021

Grey nomads around the country have been urged to keep an eye out for a missing four-year-old as fears for her safety grow.

Cleo Smith disappeared from the Blowholes Campsite near Carnarvon in WA on Saturday, sparking a massive search.

Police now say they believe the girl was abducted, and the WA government is offering a $1 million reward for information about her disappearance.

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde said police are appealing for information, and say their search has now stretched beyond WA’s borders.

“We have been in touch with all jurisdictions around Australia, if anyone nationwide has information that could be relevant, contact Crimestoppers,” he said. “We have got the nation looking for Cleo … today’s announcement is to say everyone needs to be looking for Cleo.”

The child was last seen in her family’s tent about 70 kilometres from the Gascoyne town of Carnarvon. She vanished at some stage during the night, and her parents woke to find both Cleo and her sleeping bag were gone and their tent was unzipped.

Six days after the disappearance, the search in the area surrounding the campsite has remained in full swing.

However, Acting Commissioner Col Blanch said the search at the campsite would enter a new phase within the next 24 hours.

“The land search for a person wandering off will conclude, the search for evidence and exhibits continues,” he said. “We will still keep people up there, we will still be searching forensically.”

Cleo’s mother, Ellie, has made an emotional appeal for the safe return of her daughter and has implored anyone with information to contact police. 

Police say they are still hopeful they will find Cleo alive, but hold grave fears for her safety.


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2 months ago

A terrible tragedy for family and searchers to deal with. Sadly it must be said once again – do not overlook the possibility of a dingo.

2 months ago
Reply to  Waylor

Dingo’s cannot undo zips

2 months ago
Reply to  gavin

The zip may never have actually been properly fastened the morning that little Cleo disappeared, remembering that several people only a couple of years ago north of Perth in a coastal location (like The Blowholes) lost their lives in a tent due to asphyxiation when their gas cylinder was leaking all night. Had the flap on their tent been left open accidently or otherwise then they might all well be alive today to tell the tale and be reading this very GN webpage.

2 months ago
Reply to  gavin

I’m sorry you think that

Ian Evans
2 months ago

There are monsters in our country. Who could do this to a gorgeous little girl?

2 months ago

Last report in paper,police want all campers who where there to get in
touch with them.
What a society we have become. Massive check on cctv petrol stations,
bread shops etc.

2 months ago

Sadly it seems we now live in a society where monsters are no longer just a result of a wild imagination, they walk amongst us. Cannot imagine the world of pain her family must be in.


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