Caravan park fire serves as reminder of potential perils

Published: February 9, 2021
Caravan park blaze in Cobram

News of another fire at a caravan park will no doubt send a shiver down the spines of many grey nomads.

With caravans and motorhomes commonly having to park up in close quarters to each other in van parks, the thought of a blaze sweeping through is understandably a worrying one for many travellers.

Few details are known of the most recent fire at Cobram Willows Caravan Park, which sits on eight acres on the outskirts of the Victorian town of Cobram.

The Shepparton News reports that a car, caravan and tractor were burnt in the blaze, which took about 40 minutes to bring under control. It is not thought anyone was hurt.

Cobram Fire Brigade captain Adrian Hilder said 10 vehicles, including the Fire Rescue Victoria hazmat unit and NSW Fire and Rescue attended.

“On arrival a shed was fully involved, including gas bottles inside,” Mr Hilder said. “We issued a smoke advice for surrounding communities and small explosions were heard around town.”

The fire was apparently contained to a machinery shed with no other buildings impacted.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but is not being treated as suspicious.

While it appears that this most recent caravan park fire was quickly contained, that is not always the case.

Back in 2019, 18 caravans were destroyed when flames swept from van to van at the Goughs Bay Caravan Park near Lake Eildon in Victoria.

In 2107, a man was taken to hospital after a fire at a caravan park in Gerroa on the New South Wales south coast.

In September 2016, two people were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation after a blaze at a caravan park in Grafton, New South Wales.

And earlier that year, a 63-year-old woman died when fire tore through her caravan at the Price Caravan Park on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.

And at the end of 2015, two caravan fires within days of each other brought the deadly dangers into the spotlight.

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1 year ago

Another reason on the long list of reasons to avoid van parks

There must be some regulation a minimum distance vehicles can park in a C.p

Pat from the Top End
1 year ago

Try parking your Caravan at some music festivals.

Not enough room to extend the awning because the next van is so close.

Besides a huge fire hazard your neighbours can hear you break wind..!

Malcolm Nelson Jeffries
1 year ago

as long as it’s in tune they should enjoy

Will from up North
1 year ago

Many CP’s are just a dive for the dodgy 10% of society who can no longer rent a house or flat due to their odd or criminal behaviour, a GN take’s their life into their hands every time they go to the toilet or shower block. The parks themselves need to be cleaned out and safety standards brought up to scratch nationally.


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