Camping fees could be on their way to Cockle Creek

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cockle creek
Cockle Creek is a beautiful and popular spot. PIC: JJ Harrison

The opportunity for the public to comment on plans to manage Tasmania’s  South-West Wilderness gateway at Cockle Creek have now closed.

The number of visitors to the area, located 130 kilometres southwest of Hobart, has grown by 46.7% over the past four years and the Parks and Wildlife Service says camping fees may need to be introduced to cope with the increasing cost of managing and maintaining public facilities.

It says higher summer visitation, ageing infrastructure and anti-social behaviour are putting the area under pressure.

“There will always be some visitors that want to keep things as they are but this is no longer an acceptable solution,” the plan says. “The continued growth in visitor numbers, the site impacts, the increasing maintenance and management costs and the increased expectations of visitors, requires the implementation of a range of basic improvements on a staged basis within the camping areas.”

The Mercury newspaper reports that proposed improvements include more toilets, traffic and parking changes, better access to walking tracks and shelters for campers, bushwalkers and day users.

The Parks and Wildlife Service also says the area needs better signage and anti-social behaviour such as vandalism, theft, destruction of vegetation, dumping waste, illegal campfires and conflicts between different users needs to be addressed.

“The long term and ongoing careless attitude and anti-social behaviour of a minority of campers impacts on the quality of the experience of the place by well-intentioned users,” the plan says. “The result is escalating management costs for Parks and Wildlife Service arising from the need for an increased management presence and mounting costs for maintenance.”

  • Have you visited Cockle Creek? Do you think it is fair to ask for a camping fee to help the Parks and Wildlife Service cope with the pressures brought about by increased visitation? Comment below.

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2 Responses to Camping fees could be on their way to Cockle Creek

  1. I haven’t been there…but Id like to go..
    Its always the same…a minority of dead heads mucking it up and makin it more expensive and harder to enjoy for the majority of us travelling public.

  2. I don’t see a problem with NP looking after the area south of the bridge, but the camping area to the north are outside the Park. Yes there needs to be some control over the ferals the leave the sites in a mess.

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