The signs are humorous … but it’s no laughing matter

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Aussie travel code
Aussie Travel Code signs, like the one above at Wilpena Pound Flinders Ranges, encourage tourists to be better visitors. PIC: Transcontinental

As the traveller numbers in the Outback rise again, so too do the associated ‘problems’ … such as littering and trespassing.

When the magnificence of the what-should-be pristine scenery isn’t enough to get people to do the ‘right thing’, tourism authorities are having to think outside the square and they are hoping a healthy dose of Aussie humour might do the trick.

The Transcontinental newspaper reports that Flinders Ranges and Outback SA Tourism (FROSAT) has just launched a campaign promoting responsible visitor behaviour.

The cheeky online campaign uses Aussie humour to sell its messages of responsible travel which includes staying on tracks, not leaving any rubbish or waste, and getting approval to travel on people’s properties.

“We’ve been hearing from tourism operators, pastoralists and Outback communities that visitors need a clearer expectation of acceptable behaviours when they travel to the Outback, and to have a stronger understanding that it is someone’s backyard – no matter how big it might be,” said FROSAT chairperson, Jo Fort. “The Outback is vast – we have some of the most diverse and fragile ecosystems in the world which people may not realise that once it’s been driven over it may never recover.”

The ‘Aussie Travel Code’ offers insider knowledge for a region paving the way for a safe and enjoyable trip, as well as using humour to reinforce messages about how people should conduct themselves when visiting someone else’s backyard.

Ms Fort hoped the idea of the ‘Code’ could gain wider traction.

“We are seeking the support of tourism operators, businesses, government agencies and pastoralists to support this campaign which can be adapted to different regions to promote the messaging,” she said. “We could really make a difference in this space and promote the amazing region we welcome visitors to at the same time.”

  • Do you think if humorous signs like the one pictured were to pop up all over the Outback, they would be more effective than traditional anti-littering messaging? Comment below.
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2 Responses to The signs are humorous … but it’s no laughing matter

  1. Yes anything to stop littering helps.
    It is a national disgrace how much people throw out the car window. Absolutely disgusting it is
    We are so lucky to have such a clean beautiful country yet a lot of people
    Want to turn it into a rubbish dump.

  2. It’s a good thing…unfortunately for a minority the message never gets through…
    Others might use them for target practice..??
    A backpacker from Austria could probably think it’s a big bird feeding the youngens in a nest…

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