Caravanners go to hospital after collision with truck

Published: November 25, 2016
Caravan crash

Two grey nomads have been taken to hospital after their caravan was in collision with a B-Double north of Brisbane.

The crash at Bells Creek 5 kilometres south of the Caloundra Rd exit this morning caused huge delays on the Bruce Highway, with tailbacks of up to five kilometres on the southbound lanes being reported. Traffic is now reportedly moving freely again.

The occupants of the 4WD towing the caravan were both taken to Nambour Hospital in a stable condition following the accident.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said a man in his 70s sustained a fractured ankle, while a woman suffered “no obvious injuries” but was transported for treatment.

The truck driver is not believed to have been injured.

The B-double came to a stop on the median strip of the Bruce Highway after the accident, while the 4WD and caravan were parked on the other side of the road.

The caravan suffered significant damage with one side of the van being ripped open.

The circumstances surrounding the collision are now being investigated.

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Rob Jones
5 years ago

Be careful people; there have been too many caravan accidents in the last year or so. Thankfully no one killed in the last couple. Trucks today have so much more power than when we were youngsters and can do 100km/h up hill and down dale. If you have a CB do stay on channel 40 regardless of language or whatever the truckie channel is in your state and communicate with them.

5 years ago

Was passed by B double (Lindsays) going uphill with corner at top. Car coming the other way, had to brake hard to let truck in. 4 hours down road at Illbilie south of mackay same trk has hit a van and ripped the back out of he van. You just have to keep your witts about u. Cars trucks and other vans.

Rob Jones
5 years ago
Reply to  Laurie

Laurie did you contact Lindsay’s about the atrocious driving.
I’m sure they don’t want their name ruined by dangerous drivers

Robert Wheeler
5 years ago
Reply to  Laurie

There is two sides to every story.

John Saunders
5 years ago

Whilst these recent accidents are a concern (a very important concern to us all!) we need to not only do as Rob Jones says and “be careful people”, but we need to keep in mind, these are still only a few incidents in proportion to the number of vans and trucks on the road. If we behave sensibly and drive within our abilities and to the conditions, most of us will get home safely. Having said that, my heart goes out to the couples who over the last few days have lost their vans and their travel dreams.

Johanna Secreve
5 years ago

That scaresxme, as i m going to start new trip,but after Reading this, questions is? Do i go,? Or do I just stay Home tending garden? Guess what THE answer is if u see my 2 big black bouviers come say Hello!.

Brian McWhirter
5 years ago

Regarding “Trucks vs ‘Vans”, coming together, there will only ever be one outcome. A golden rule that might help the grey, and not so grey, nomads is that you must be able to ‘drive’ every vehicle in your midst, including those attempting to overtake. If in doubt, stay calm make a decision and stick to it and slow down!


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