‘Come to Ice Springs’ sign angers tourism officials

Published: October 16, 2015
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Most grey nomads will be well aware of the social problems being caused by the ‘ice’ epidemic in many rural centres … but they certainly aren’t expecting to be greeted by the sign pictured when they roll into Alice Springs.

Vandals have blacked out five letters so the iconic “Welcome to Alice Springs” signage has been changed to “Come to Ice Springs”.

The NT Department of Infrastructure says it has been made aware of the vandalism and contractors will restore the original lettering today.

Deputy Alice Springs Mayor Steve Brown condemned the actions of those ‘having fun at the town’s expense’.

“They’re making it out we’re some sort of ice capital – it reflects badly on us as a town,” he told the ABC. “First impressions of Alice Springs are important. I don’t think anything could send a message quicker than that.”

Last month, police blamed much of the property crime in the NT’s major centres on a spike in the use of the drug ice.

  • Are you aware of the ice problem affecting many towns and cities? Does it affect the way you travel at all? Comment below.
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