Application blunder leaves RV Stop facing nervy wait

Published: March 5, 2021
Cooroy no worries RV stop

A popular RV stop in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland is facing an anxious wait to see if it can continue to operate following an administrative oversight.

Back in December 2019, the operator of the Cooroy No Worries RV Stop, Glenbrae Operations, accidentally missed a council deadline to apply for its annual renewal of permission to operate … and so was compelled to submit full application again, starting from scratch.

Park manager Claudia Zannidakis said the full-blown development application process including council fees and stormwater survey has cost thousands of dollars.

“We missed the renewal deadline by two weeks and the council said ‘we have to reapply for everything again’,” Ms Zannidakis told the Sunshine Coast Daily. “This has been going on since January last year.”

Noosa council will finally rule on the application at a meeting later this month.

Council planning co-ordinator Patrick Murphy has recommended approval, despite the park not meeting provisions within the new Noosa planning scheme in regards to site area, density, length of stay, area of roofed buildings and the need for vehicles to be self-contained.

“Importantly, the tourist park is a valued component of Cooroy’s visitor accommodation options with occupiers contributing to the local economy via their use of local retail and professional services,” he wrote in the report.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reports that Mr Murphy also recommends the use of the site to store caravans and RVs remain ancillary to the tourist park operation.

The tourist park along Holts Rd close to the Bruce Highway has been operating successfully for the past five years,

Ms Zannidakis told the Sunshine Coast Daily that she hopes councillors will appreciate the contribution this stopover makes to the local economy when it comes time to vote.

The park can take 20 overnight vans or RVs a night and offers full amenities. The No Worries RV Stop charges $35 a night for a powered site and $27 for an unpowered site.

“When the grey nomads can travel in June, July or September we are often fully booked,” said Ms Zannidakis. “And it also brings money into the community … people just don’t go shopping at the IGA, they get petrol, they to dentists, they got to hairdressers, the go to the pub.”

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10 months ago

Businesses missing deadlines, there is no excuse. Management needs to take a hard look at their administration of their own business.

10 months ago
Reply to  Joffra

But it also exposes the inflexibility of some power hungry bureaucrats which could have been easily resolved in the form of a late payment penalty,

10 months ago
Reply to  Zol

100% with you on that comment Zol . Ahh, bureaucrats, one can always count on them to not think outside the square or act in the best interests of folks with real jobs or business owners. Little “tin soldiers” .


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