Plan for ‘Spirit-ready’ low-cost camping enters new phase

Published: April 14, 2022

The community engagement period of the Victorian city of Geelong’s review into the merits of establishing a low-cost camping site and RV amenities has come to an end.

With the Spirit of Tasmania’s new terminal due to open at Corio Quay later this year, there has been a strong push to find ways to better cater to the needs of grey nomads and other travellers.

Urban Enterprise, which conducted the independent consultation, is now in the process of analysing data and public feedback collected as part of its review, and is expected to provide a report to the council on its findings in May.

This report will contain detailed analysis of such topics as the viability of establishing a low-cost camping site and RV amenities in Geelong, as well as preferred site locations, economic impact and community and environmental impacts of a low-cost camping site and RV amenities.

Spirit of Tasmania

The relocation of the Spirit of Tasmania to Geelong is expected to provide a significant boost to the local economy, increasing tourism expenditure by $57.3 million in the area by 2030, and an increase in RV traffic.

Cr Kylie Grzybek told the Geelong Times that the Spirit of Tasmania’s move to North Geelong was an exciting time for the region, and served as a perfect opportunity to review the feasibility and practicality of creating a low-cost camping site and RV amenities in the north.

Grey nomad membership“As those of us who live in and champion Geelong’s northern suburbs know, we have so much to offer visitors to our region, and providing them with a cheap and safe accommodation option would undoubtedly enhance the likelihood of them experiencing all that we have in our backyard,” she said. “The north of Geelong has an array of nature-based tourism experiences for visitors to enjoy, including the You Yangs and the Brisbane Ranges, as well as walking trails that capture incredible views around Corio Bay.”

Cr Grzybek said she wanted to remind people who will now make their way to the region in the years to come that there was much around Geelong just waiting to be discovered.

“The City of Greater Geelong is full of wonderful places to explore for both visitors and locals alike, and yet so often the north is forgotten, but it should not be the case.”

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Derek Heiler
2 months ago

This is the town where the Chamber of Commerce said all the rich people in their $300K motorhomes wanted everything for free and was discouraging free camping and then came back 12 months later to say they were RV friendly. Amazing when they worked out what the RV dollar was worth

2 months ago

Not all of us have $300K motor homes. There’s probably more lower valued units on the road than some folks think. Anyway, with the Spirit of Tasmania soon to berth at Geelong it’s probably a good time to consider all options for getting travellers to stay in the region for both overnight or longer term stays. For ourselves, we would rather pay for some lower cost place to stay with basic clean facilities than in a closely crowded expensive caravan park. There are many travellers who seem to prefer the same situation particularly as there are more and self contained units on the road. Maybe a service club could consider something along this line. We have used several low cost camping areas run by local service clubs in our travels and are happy to contribute to their fund-raising efforts.

Christopher Wylie
2 months ago

I can only hope that they allow for travelers with animals and for those of us with long rigs
the next battle will be to get the Devonport side to allow 19m long vehicles to use the freight lanes

Tony Lee
2 months ago

One thing is certain – we will NEVER pay a caravan park for a parking spot for a few hours just to catch the ferry.
Plenty of free places within 50km to set up for the night.


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