‘Dog-taking Cairns croc is a danger with a capital D!’

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crocodile takes dogs in Cairns
Not tempted! The crocodile trap remains empty ... at least for now!

With grey nomads this year lingering longer in the north than usual, many are more conscious than ever of the threat posed by crocodiles … and that’s a good thing.

Authorities in Cairns are warning that a ‘saltie’ that is believed to have taken two dogs from a popular beach there could be a threat to humans.

Veteran surf lifesaver, Robert McPharl, claims to have spotted the croc twice at Palm Cove Beach and says it poses a ‘serious threat to the community’.

“I’m extremely worried about the teenagers, young children on school holidays, fishing here, having the time of their lives and totally unaware of the monster that’s sitting in there,” he told the Cairns Post. “I say a monster because it’s probably two to three metres in length … when they get to two to three metres, they are a dangerous animal and can cause death. It is a danger to the public with a capital D.”

The Department of Environment and Science said the state’s plan for crocodile management identifies the area as a Zone B habitat.

“This is an ‘Active Removal Zone’, which means that all crocodiles found are targeted for removal by Department of Environment and Science contractors, regardless of the size or behaviour of the animal,” a spokesperson said.

However, a trap has reportedly sat in the river for months but the crocodile has apparently shown little interest in falling for it.

A Cairns regional councillor, Brett Olds, told news.com.au that the government needed to choose between proactive management or closing down the beaches.

“We’re telling tourists to come here to Cairns and go for a swim in the beach,” he said. “You can’t have a foot in both camps … that’s going to get someone killed at some stage.”

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5 Responses to ‘Dog-taking Cairns croc is a danger with a capital D!’

  1. All crocs are a threat
    Removal and cull are the only solutions.
    It would happen if crocs were down south Brisbane NSW

  2. Throw the trap away and seeing that its been seen then SHOOT IT no mucking round if its a threat to human life

  3. Most sensible approach is a .303 and the problem goes away.

  4. Trouble is..Crocs are a protected species by Australian and International law (CITES)
    Just have to learn to be Crocwise..!

  5. Crocs have, had only one natural predator and that predator is not as interested as in the past. The many local indigenous tribes apparently enjoyed a feed of Croc eggs when they managed to get them. Now there is a real chance of the 40 to 60 eggs becoming 40 to 60 beach monsters…… every time.

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