Croc sightings cause stir at popular tourist beaches

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Grey nomads spooked by crocodile sightings at Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia
Crocs are occasionally spotted on Australian beaches

The recent sighting of two large crocodiles at two popular tourist beaches in tropical north Queensland has sparked a bit of interest.

Two beaches, including one in the grey nomad hotspot of Port Douglas, have been closed over the past fortnight after crocs were spotted near swimming areas.

Ellis Beach, north of Cairns, was closed earlier this week after a three-metre reptile was spotted there, and Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas was closed temporarily earlier this month after a four metre croc was seen in the vicinity.

“We’re letting people know that there’s been recent sightings and it’s their choice whether they wish to swim or not,” Surf Life Saving North Queensland regional manager Colin Sparkes rold the Brisbane Times. “He swam along Four Mile Beach, which is your premier tourist beach in north Queensland, so that caused a bit of a stir.”

* How cautious are you when swimming in areas where crocs could be? Have you ever got too close for comfort to a croc? Comment below

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2 Responses to Croc sightings cause stir at popular tourist beaches

  1. There has been crocs swimming up and down near beaches for last 6 weeks, from Kewarra to Palm Cove, they need to start to cull them, I see tracks on beach a lot in the morning. Tourists are swimming not aware they are there, a child will be taken one day

    • CULL!!! Thank you, one local with a BRAIN!!! I moved away and happy I did.

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