Manufacturer says it carries out thorough quality control tests on all new caravans

Published: January 9, 2024

A leading Australian caravan manufacturer has issued a statement saying that it fully cooperated with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) during its recent investigation.

Crusader Caravans – which is based in Epping, Victoria – paid $33,000 in penalties after the ACCC issued it with two infringement notices for allegedly making false or misleading representations about waterproofing tests conducted on its vans.

“Whilst we disagree with ACCC’s position, we will not contest the matter,” the company said in a statement. “Our prompt payment of the infringement does not constitute any admission of an ACL contravention … we will continue to do what we do best – producing excellent-quality caravans.”

The statement stressed that no newly-produced caravan leaves the company’s factory without first undergoing thorough quality control checks. It says these checks include water related tests, after which it checks to ensure no water has entered the caravan.

“When Crusader Caravans was first alerted to the ACCC’s concern about consumers possibly misinterpreting a reference to ‘waterproofing’ in our New Caravan Buyer’s Checklist we promptly amended the wording to ‘water resistant’ (despite our extensive quality control processes which are designed to go further than this),” the statement said. “The checklist as well as our Buyer’s Guide were developed with our best intentions to provide useful information for first-time caravan buyers and empower them with knowledge to make an informed purchase decision.”

The statement in question was follows:

* Is the completed caravan tested for waterproofing in storm-like conditions?

This statement has been amended to the following:

* Is the completed caravan tested for water resistance in storm-like conditions?

Crusade Caravans said it deeply valued its customers and took its compliance obligations seriously.

“Where a standard is prescribed, we seek to exceed it,” it said. “Crusader Caravans has been manufacturing high-quality caravans in Australia since the turn of the century and is revered as a leader in advanced caravan manufacturing methods amongst industry peers and independent experts.”

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