Free Daintree crossings … but only if you are local

Published: November 23, 2016
Grey nomads free Daintree Ferry Crossing

Free crossings on the Daintree River ferry are now on offer … but only if you are a local!

The rise of the ‘residents only’ special deal phenomenon – which has already seen the introduction of initiatives such as free entry to iconic national parks like Kakadu for Northern Territorians – appears to be spreading like wildfire .

While it may not always seem fair to grey nomads and other interstate travellers, the concept is clearly designed to encourage more Australians to discover their own backyard, particularly during off-peak seasons.

Residents from the Douglas Shire, Mareeba Shire, the Tablelands, Cairns, the Cassowary Coast and Cook Shire are eligible to obtain a ‘Douglas Card’ for free access on the Daintree ferry until the end of February.

“There is so much to see and do and like most of us in the Tropical North, Daintree and Cape Tribulation-based tourism operators are passionate about their piece of paradise,” said Douglas Shire Mayor, Julia Leu. “We all live in a magical place with World Heritage scenic values, but each area has its own unique attractions.”

Those behind the free ferry travel initiative want to see more local self-drive residents explore the l attractions and facilities north of the river.

The executive officer of Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree (TPDD), Tara Bennett, said there was a certain excitement in driving on to the ferry for the five-minute trip across the mighty Daintree River, which meanders for 140 kilometres and is home to bountiful fish, birdllife, crocodiles and more. The spectacular scenery continues, with ocean glimpses and lookouts along the rainforest canopied drive in the Daintree National Park through to Cape Tribulation and beyond.

·         Have you crossed the Daintree River? Do you think ‘locals only’ initiatives only a good idea? Would you like to see some ‘grey nomads only’ freebies introduced?  Comment below

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Bill Riches
5 years ago

Grey nomads should bypass these places for a while and see if they can survive with locals only

Stan Treadwell
5 years ago

I like freebies, however at the end of the day the ratepayers are paying for the Ferry, it’s like Free Camping. I never expect someone else to support my lifestyle. It’s a beautiful place and I’ll keep paying to visit.

David Francis
5 years ago
Reply to  Stan Treadwell

I agree with Stan. I would however like us ratepayers here in Tassie to get cheaper ferry fares to & from Melbourne. Grey Nomads travelling to Tassie complain about their return costs but we incur these costs every time we travel outside our State so perhaps the States we visit should help with a subsidy towards our fares lol.

5 years ago

Everyone is a local somewhere. Happy to pay my way wherever I go.

Rob Jones
5 years ago

If I lived north of the Daintree , I would be exstatic after years of paying ferry fees to go to town to do my grocery shopping.

5 years ago

Just got back from South Australia. Many ferries there are just part of the road system and completely free. Encourages
Don’t we live in the country of Australia. What rubbish having different rules for some just because they are local. We all pay our taxes.


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