Danger could be around corner in busy van parks

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Grey nomads obey speed limits in caravan parks
Do holidaymakers obey 10km/h speed limits?

With children sometimes running and skating around erratically, and stressed travellers often preoccupied looking for their sites, it is easy to see why accidents are so common in caravan parks.

While many parks try to make things safer by implementing 10km/h speed limits and introducing speed bumps, there is no way you can legislate for the unpredictable behaviour of others.

A recent incident in which a vehicle and a cycling child collided in a caravan park in Sydney’s south-west proves that you really do never know what is around the next corner. The accident was captured on the dashcam of a the vehicle involved and posted on Youtube. See the short clip here. Happily, the little girl involved was apparently uninjured.

While children can be unpredictable, so too can be the people who are driving around in caravan parks, whether it is because they are preoccupied, or because they are in ‘holiday mode’ and simply behaving irresponsibly.

A shocking example of this comes from Scotland where a couple are facing criminal charges after a 65-year-old man was crushed between their vehicle and a caravan.

Nathaniel Cooper and Kylie Johnston deny causing the death of a pensioner by driving dangerously in a van park.

Cooper, 30, of Inverbervie, was allegedly in the driver’s seat, controlling the accelerator, brake and clutch while Johnston, 26, of Stonehaven, was operating the steering wheel from the front passenger seat.

  • Have you ever had an accident or near accident in a caravan park? What is the craziest thing you have seen people doing in a van park? How can the number of van park accidents be reduced? Comment below.

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3 Responses to Danger could be around corner in busy van parks

  1. After viewing the clip with the little girl slamming into a car, it just shows how easy it can be to hit a child. Scooters and bikes etc. with kids on board should be banned on major roadways in caravan parks. They are a danger to themselves, to pedestrians and also motorists. There are usually plenty of playgrounds, swimming pools and entertainment to keep them occupied and happy. Ban the bikes please everyone’s safety.

    • How about you open your eyes & realise you are NOT the only one in the caravan park! This is someone’s grandchild… How about we ban Grey Nomads? That would help everyone 😉

  2. Very important for speed limit in parks or retirement villages

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