Caravans in nasty crash … before they hit the road!

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Caravan dealership accident
A car crashed through the fence of a caravan dealership. PIC: Daily Mercury

Three caravans have been damaged in an accident in the Queensland town of Bundaberg … and none of them were even on the road!

It happened when a car crashed through the fence of an RV dealership and collided into the vehicles.

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said the driver of the grey sedan was taken to hospital, but that nobody was seriously injured in this morning’s incident. It is still unclear how the accident happened.

The owner of the Takalvans dealership, Dale Rethamel, told the Daily Mercury newspaper that he estimated more than $50,000 worth of damage had been done.

He said there was substantial damage to one of the caravans, and that it would likely be written-off. It was valued at $40,000.

Mr Rethamel told the Mercury that damage to another caravan would probably be $10,000 in damages, and that additional damage including fencing would be estimated at about $6000.

Although the dealer was insured the owner would still be out of pocket.

The Mercury reports that through no fault of its own, the business would have to cover high excesses in the insurance, while premiums would increase the following year for making a claim.

“I’m a bit upset, obviously,” Mr Rethamel said.

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3 Responses to Caravans in nasty crash … before they hit the road!

  1. Why should the dealer be out of pocket the person driving the car should be up for out of pocket expenses

  2. Yep. Even when insured you always lose out.
    you pay insure then through no fault of your own you are paying extra costs someone else created

  3. Why is the owner out of pocket, wasn’t the driver of the car insured?

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