NSW Government delays plans for regional travel

Published: September 27, 2021
NSW caravan parks

Sydney-based grey nomads who had been planning to get back out into the regions in the very near future will have to wait a little bit longer.

The Government had foreshadowed that regional travel would be allowed when the state hit 70% double-dose vaccination, but there has been a change of plan.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro said travel between Greater Sydney and regional NSW would now only be permitted when the state reaches 80% double dose.

The fear is that opening up to regional travel too early could lead to a serious outbreak in areas will low inoculation rates.

For example, only around 60% of Byron Bay residents have had their first doses, significantly lower than other parts of the state.

In a bipartisan letter to Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Mr Barilaro last week, Nationals, Labor and Greens MPs said all regional travel was ‘not good health policy’, while jabs were lagging in some areas.

“Without policy changes our region will suddenly become deeply vulnerable to a major influx of newly freed Sydneysiders, while we are still short of the 70% safety target,” they said.

Mr Barilaro said the change in approach was necessary to give some regional areas the time they need to increase local vaccination rates. He urged everyone in the regions to continue to get vaccinated because ‘freedom day is not far away’.

Mr Barilaro was speaking after the Premier outlined the three-stage road map for NSW staggered from October 11 until December 1, when more freedoms will come – even for the unvaccinated.

NSW Health’s ongoing sewage surveillance program has recently detected fragments of the virus that causes Covid-19 in sewage samples from Grafton north and south, and Wardell on the north coast, and Dareton in the far west.

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Ric Moffet
2 months ago

Goof thing, but if tthe govt. would just stop people travelling in trains a planes, leaving the city, with the virus every day. It seems it doesn’t matter the condition of these people they can fly and go by plane without any scrutiny. Causing problems every where they go, and causing lockdowns, all the time in those towns, and areas. The government allows this to happen, as their is no policing happening at these transport centres.

2 months ago


Give people back their freedom? They don’t deserve it! We must vaccinate at least 90% … no, make that 95% … no no wait, make it 100% … that’ll show ‘em who’s boss!

But wait, there’s more. Once we reach 100% then we’ll announce a new variant and jab ’em all over again and … and … and then we’ll dunk ’em in some sheep dip just to make sure!

Pat in the Top End.
2 months ago

Zol…what a totally ridiculous statement..!


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