Another child is attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island

Published: May 4, 2021
dingo attacks on fraser island

Another child has been bitten by a dingo on Queensland’s Fraser Island,

A four-year-old boy suffered two small red marks and a graze to his thigh. He did not require medical assistance.

It is the second attack in the area in as many weeks.

The Department of Environment and Science said two boys, aged four and five, were near a car at a home in Orchid Beach, when they were approached by the dingo. The ABC reports that the dingo sniffed the older boy before the younger boy was bitten on the thigh as the pair ran towards the house.

The boys’ parents managed to chase the dingo away into the bush following the incident.

The ABC reports that Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers are trying to determine which dingo was involved.

It is the third instance of a dingo attacking a child at Orchid Beach this year, and the second in weeks.

In April, a two-year-old boy was flown to hospital after being attacked by a dingo, and another child suffered minor injuries to his knee and hand after being bitten back in February.

Rangers are warning people that a pack of dingoes in the Orchid Beach area is approaching people for food.

“It’s believed the dingo pack has been inadvertently or deliberately fed by residents and visitors, and has lost its natural wariness of people,” the environment department said in a statement. “People are reminded to be dingo safe and not to feed or interact with dingoes, as this can contribute to their habituation and cause them to become aggressive while seeking food.

Breeding season for dingoes is between March and May on the island, meaning the animals are at their most aggressive as they move about looking for mates.

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Ric Moffet
1 year ago

A 4 years old child is a good meal for a dingo with pups, or for a pack. People seem to be idiots leaving little kids to roam on that island. The damage has been done to the dingos, re being fed illegaly, so the GOV> needs to close the island for 5 years, and have no tourist on there , and the memory of being fed, will be bred out of the dingos. This is the only way to stop attacks.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

If the public followed the rules this wouldn’t happen if they bite some one they put the dingo down keep the public away from them they are a beautiful animal do away with the public and keep them away from the dingos.

C b rider
1 year ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

U r so right when I was a young child growing up on farms that had hundreds a of Aces we done stick picking their would be nothing to see a pack of up to six dingoes and 1male up in the hills in the bush we would watch the dingoes bitchers go around up little calf and single it out while the male stayed on look out my dad fired his shotgun over theirs heads we work all day but didn’t come near us dad told me that the male has a reward on his head and when the bitch had pups the male dingo would kill the male pups because he was the boss off the bitchers
The dingo the the most cleaver in not getting catches by man in traps because if they smell man has be there they give it wide birth the trick is to get a branch and wipe your cent away I use go get the foxes out of the dingo traps and get 10 shelling for their scape and tails we shot the ferrial cats

Pat from the Top End.
1 year ago

Sorry Ric…but again this would achieve nothing as the public feeding would commence again and the cycle would start over.
If they’d shoot a few feral pigs and drop them around the place every now and then the dingos would not be half starving all the time.


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