Fraser Island campers told to ‘behave’ near dingoes

Published: December 12, 2016
Fraser Island dingoes

Grey nomads and other travellers planning a camping trip to Fraser Island over Christmas are being warned about the perils of inappropriate interaction with dingoes.

The ‘Save Fraser Island Dingoes’ group  has expressed concern for the welfare of the dingo population over the festive period, claiming ‘hordes of holidaymakers’ will put the animal ‘under siege’.

The warning for dingo safety comes after a female dingo with pups was put down on November 26 after reports revealed the animal was being fed and petted by visitors.

Cheryl Bryant from ‘Save Fraser Island Dingoes’ told the Chinchilla News that it was inevitable there would be a higher number of interactions between people and dingoes over the holidays.

“With the people over there for Christmas, there’s definitely a concern that another animal will be destroyed,” she said.  “There are so many reports of people trying to feed and pet dingoes over this time … so educating visitors on reporting the animal and not approaching them is a priority.”

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has recorded 16 high-risk dingo encounters over the past year.

Ms Bryant said people visiting the island had to understand how to behave when around a dingo.

“We can’t keep destroying the animals, it’s a vicious circle,” she said. “Pups will become conditioned to humans from no parental guidance, so they will source the easiest food, and that will be from campers, and the cycle starts again.”

·         Have you seen humans interacting inappropriately with dingoes on Fraser Island? Comment below.


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