Prehistoric plan to attract grey nomads to Outback

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dinosaur attraction for grey nomads
A theropod checks out a grey nomad caravan! Montage: Cissa / dinosaur painting: Andrew Plant/Parks Victoria

A new roadmap to grow dinosaur tourism in Queensland has been unveiled as grey nomads and other travellers are invited to go back to the future!

The State Government will deliver close to half a million dollars over three years to promote the prehistoric plan across outback Queensland.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the state  had a rich history of fossils and palaeontology which had spurred the development of numerous attractions in the region over the years.

“Outback Queensland is one of the best places in the world to have a dinosaur experience,” she said. “We’ll work with the tourism industry to develop a strategy to promote the outback as the world’s leading destination for dinosaur tourism.”

Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the roadmap would allow operators to collectively promote dinosaurs as a unique selling point to travellers.

“Outback Queensland has multiple dinosaur-based attractions spread throughout its communities, which combined account for an estimated 11% of all tourism – or almost 122,000 visitors – and 26% of leisure tourism visitors to the region,” he said. “Add to this that due to the remote location of most dinosaur attractions, visitors often visit several communities when on an Outback Queensland trip, particularly if they are on a drive holiday.”

He said the roadmap would provide operators in the palaeontology tourism space a clear strategy and unified approach to promote and grow these natural history experiences over the next three years and beyond.

“By capitalising on this opportunity, we expect to grow tourism demand and see visitation increase, directly benefiting Outback Queensland tourism and the many communities encompassed by the region,” he said. “Our plan is to eventually see dinosaur tourism become not just a unique selling point for Outback Queensland, but for the whole of Queensland.”

“There are many and varied dinosaur attractions across Outback Queensland, such as the Eromanga Natural History Museum, Australian Age of Dinosaurs, and Kronosaurus Korner or Muttaburrasaurus Interpretation Centre.

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8 Responses to Prehistoric plan to attract grey nomads to Outback

  1. We’ love to go but only if the road is sealed. I travelled on gravel roads for most of my 75 years & I’m a bit over it

    • Same here. Roads should be sealed to attract more to outback based towns and attractions.

  2. I’d love to visit these attractions but don’t want to have to drive hundreds of kms on unsealed roads

  3. We’re at Aramac now – doing the Sculpture Trail and although a bit of the loop is sealed & rest unsealed we just drive a little slower. About to go up to Muttaburra in the next few days. Roads are OK albeit towing a ‘van we take it slower & pull over for the road trains. Road from Barcaldine to Aramac is being upgraded – should be good when it is finished.

  4. I want to desperately go to these places but not with a dust present to bring home and try to get rid of for years and years and years and years …..

  5. Dinosaur trail- great idea but it would be a turn off if it was dummed down to the intellectual level of 3 year old or tourism executive.

  6. We were at Winton a few years ago, didn’t go to the dinosaur attractions because of distance on bad roads and entry costs. If I was a palaeontology enthusiast or if it was my hobby then I would have visited ,but not as just a casual interest.

  7. We have driven the Dinosaur Trail twice, once with grandchildren, and just loved the experience. Want to go back to dig for more fossils. The Winton experience is exceptional and we drove up to the site in our motorhome. No problem. That was two years. Enjoy.

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