Do grey nomads make it easy for van park thieves?

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Caravan park thieves target grey nomad vehicles
Hang on! It's already unlocked!!!

Chilled-out grey nomads can be a trusting lot … often too trusting, it seems!

Police in the inland New South Wales town of Gunnedah say opportunistic thieves have been targeting vehicles parked at caravan parks, and are finding many of them unlocked.

A police spokesperson told the Namoi Valley Independent newspaper that thieves were taking anything of value, and discarding items that may link them to crime, such as wallets.

He said the growing number of thefts were disappointing.

“We want people to take an active role and use preventative measures by locking their vehicles,” the spokesperson said. “People need to take responsibility for their personal property – these thieves are just trying their luck and are opportunistic.”

All the incidents which occurred in the early hours of the morning were due to vehicles being left unlocked overnight.
Of course, caravan parks and camping areas have long been happy hunting grounds for thieves looking for easy pickings.

Given the necessities of their lifestyle and their generally relaxed frame of mind, grey nomads and other travellers often leave out items such as campchairs and fishing rods, while anything from fridges to televisions may be kept in unsecured annexes.

• Do you always lock your vehicle when you are in a caravan park or camping area? Have you ever fallen victim to opportunistic thieves. Comment below.

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2 Responses to Do grey nomads make it easy for van park thieves?

  1. We had a similar experience in a Townsville camp ground. Very late one night, while asleep, we heard the caravan door bang open. Woke to find a fellow inside the caravan rifling through our belongings. Needless to day, he took off. Lesson learnt – DON’T presume everybody in your camp area is as honest as you.

  2. Our car was stolen from beside our caravan in a western NSW caravan park seven years ago. It was locked and the offenders smashed the window. We didn’t hear it because it was a very windy night. What we did that was foolish was leave a second key in the consul of the car. This was found and the car was taken for a joy ride before being stripped and set fire to. Three other cars were robbed that night in the same park but we lost our annexe, fridge, clothes, keys, books and of course our beautiful car. The holiday to Northern Territory was over too and we had only been travelling two days. It still hurts to think about it even now.

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