Do grey nomads prefer a touch screen or brochure?

Published: November 18, 2015
Grey nomads like brochures

The march of technology is continuing apace with the arrival of giant touch screen directories at a number of caravan parks on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The new directories give visitors the opportunity to learn about local services and attractions, perhaps spelling the end of the collections of flyers and pamphlets that are traditionally available at caravan park reception areas.

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, users can access live, up-to-date information on the giant iPad-like devices, which are hard-wired at a selection of Sunshine Coast Council holiday parks.

Local businesses can also advertise their products through the medium, which will provide a 24-hour information point for visitors on everything from Sunshine Coast attractions to specials at local cafes and clubs.

The Sunshine Coast Council is the first holiday park owner to install the displays, which also provide information about all council-owned holiday parks, including vacancy details. Users can use the devices to book themselves into parks or to email themselves a map and directions.

Dicky Beach Holiday Park manager, Peter Segger, told the Sunshine Coast Daily that grey nomads would welcome the new technology.

“Technology’s always changing. Grey nomads are always embracing technology, and I think there’s going to be a big benefit once it gets up and running,” he said. “It just looks like a big iPhone and the quality and the clarity of it looks excellent. You can access it outside of office hours which will be a big benefit.”

While Mr Segger said customers had been happy to use ‘the brochure system’ in the past, he believed the IMS kiosk he installed recently would become popular with time.

The new IMS kiosks are already available at Coolum Beach Holiday Park, Cotton Tree Holiday Park, Mooloolaba Beach, and the Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park, They will also soon be available at Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park and Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park.

• Do you think interactive screens at van parks will catch on? Would you still rather ‘browse’ the brochures and pamphlets at reception? Comment below.

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Bill Riches
6 years ago

Pamphlets can be taken back to the van and perused at your leisure.

6 years ago

Definitely a brochure. A few years ago one of the major Cinema groups decided not to publish screening times rather you had to go onto their webpage. Never ever seen another one of their movies. Hard copies please.

6 years ago

Definitely a brochure you can carry in the car and refer to addresses & open times if you need to.

6 years ago

I love brochures, but lets save the trees and expensive colour printing. We can view the area on our smart phones and our computers while we have a cuppa. We have the time to learn new skills so lets move with the times. We can use the data from our phones to surf the net on our computers

6 years ago

The advantage with brochures is they can be spread over a larger area through info centres and you can plan in advance what to see and what to miss.


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