Dollar dip causes a drop in diesel and petrol prices

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The drop in fuel prices is welcome relief for nomads

The falls in the value of the Aussie dollar has meant some relief for grey nomads at the bowser in recent weeks … but not much!

Pricing data released by the Australian Institute of Petroleum shows that for the week ended Sunday, November 24, the average retail price for diesel in regional/country areas around Australia was 159.1cents per litre … down 1cent a litre on where it sat this time a month ago.

The recent three-year high in pricing, followed a nine-month lows seen as recently as May, when prices fell to 148 cents a litre.

According to statistics in the Beef Central newspaper, filling a Toyota LandCruiser 200 series (138 litres, main and auxiliary tanks) today would cost $17 more than the same fill back in mid-May.

Analysts say both diesel and petrol prices could rise further in coming months, due to the imminent seasonal increase in demand for fuel in China, Europe and North America, which pushes up prices globally. Beef Central says that there will be more price pressure as the northern hemisphere heads into winter as oil companies use diesel to make heating oil.

Biggest price movements last month were seen in Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Regional non-metro diesel prices in the latest AIP report included:

  • Victoria 155.8c/litre (down 1.2c/litre since this time last month)
  • NSW 159.6c (down 0.6c)
  • Queensland 158.8c (down 0.7c)
  • WA 162.3c (down 1.2c)
  • SA 157.4c (down 1.6c)
  • TAS 163.3 (down 2.1c), and
  • NT 176.1c (unchanged).

How closely do you watch fuel prices as you travel? How do they affect the way you travel? What is the most you have ever paid for a litre of diesel?


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2 Responses to Dollar dip causes a drop in diesel and petrol prices

  1. It seems someone only has to fart in China to change our fuel prices
    I guess it really boils down to good old opportunism

  2. On a very recent trip of 25000K the highest we paid for diesel was $3 at Lorella Springs on the Savannah Way. The cheapest we paid was $1.47 at Balranald.

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