Caravanners escape after massive flood blunder

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Caravan in floods
Noooooooo! Some risks just aren't worth taking! PIC: Contributed / Oberon Review

Two caravanners had had an incredibly lucky escape when they got stuck in raging floodwaters near Oberon in New South Wales.

The pair was forced to clamber on to the roof of their car before calling triple-zero.

NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Chifley/Lithgow operational officer Brett Taylor said river water was rushing across the top of the car’s bonnet when emergency services arrived.

“The emergency call was to a car stuck in the Abercrombie River on Abercrombie Road, south of Oberon,” he said.

Mr Taylor told the Oberon Review that it initially sounded like a full-scale emergency with triple-0 operators considering sending out a rescue helicopter.

“When crews got on scene the occupants had removed themselves and got themselves back to shore … it was a very lucky escape!”

The incident happened yesterday morning. There has been heavy rain in the area and at one stage, the fast-moving water had been rushing at two metres above the level of the road.

With more rain predicted in the region, all motorists are once again being urged not to drive through floodwaters.

There were no reported injuries.

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12 Responses to Caravanners escape after massive flood blunder

  1. People are told, “If it’s flooded, do not cross.” Yet people still do it. How stupid can you be?

  2. It takes all kinds !!!

  3. Dumb & dumb

  4. The driver should have to pay the costs of the emergency services call out.

  5. Giving us caravanners a bad name…!

  6. How friggin stupid, they should have to pay emergency services & their insurance claim should be declined. People pay lots of money to have their home on wheels & you are happy to do this ?? The mind boggles….

  7. There has been more than enough publicity for people to know “if it’s flooded forget it” so it’s about time there was a fine and a payment for their rescue.

  8. No sympathy. Now they waste resources recovering them.

  9. You don’t need a long neck to be a goose. I remember as a kid in country nsw my dad would stop the car at crossings after heavy rain and turn off the engine to listen for flash flooding then tie a rope to the FC ute and leg it into the water and check. We thought it was over the top as kids but it makes sense now.

    • Yes we always walked it to see if any of the road was missing, also to test the current

  10. This is not stupid. It is way beyond stupidity.

  11. Complete stupidity why would you even try

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