Looking for a cheap home base? How about a cave?

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White Cliffs dugout may be perfect for grey nomads
This ‘partially developed’ dugout in White Cliffs is on the market at $14,000. PIC: Gumtree/7News

It may not have great street appeal but, for budget-conscious grey nomads looking for an affordable home base, a  ‘partially developed’ dugout  in the ex-opal mining town of White Cliffs in New South Wales might tick quote a few boxes.

The man-made cave (pictured) which has been carved into a the rock face of a cliff comes at the eye-catching price  of just 14,000, potentially making it one of the cheapest homes in Australia,

According to 7News, the current owner – known only as Jeffrey – has listed the cave on Gumtree, marketing it as an ‘unique opportunity’ that will allow the buyer to create their ‘own underground home’.

However, the broadcaster says the property will require a fair bit of work to transform it to a habitable state. The new owner will apparently need to burrow further into the surrounding cliffs to create a wider living space.

On the plus side, there is a nice flat area leading up to the cave’s hollow opening, which could potentially be a parking spot for the caravan motorhome when they are not on the open road. Water and power is also connected to the site, and there are five ventilation shafts to help keep the cave cool.

“You can’t mine opal any more but you can dig yourself another room and if you happen to find something you’ll be lucky,” Jeffrey suggested in the ad.

Grey nomads eager to escape the cold will be thrilled to hear that the summer temperatures here typically exceed 40C, while the underground dugouts maintain a constant temperature of 22C.

Situated more than 1,000 kilometres north-west of Sydney, White Cliffs has a population of around 200 people, mainly prospectors or amateur miners.

  • Does the idea of making a White Cliffs ‘dugout’ your home base have any appeal? Comment below.

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2 Responses to Looking for a cheap home base? How about a cave?

  1. We are looking for a winter time, get away. We currently are into our opal cutting and polishing and need a source of opal. Living condition is not the major factor in our aquasitions, but some idea of the possibility of finding opal on this site would assist in our search.

  2. What communication is available at white cliffs these days

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