‘Caravan park croc’ gives campers the fright of their lives!

Published: August 4, 2022

Campers at a popular NT caravan park were given the fright of their lives … when a  2.5-metre croc wandered though their sites!

One group of campers at the Dundee Beach Holiday Park west of Darwin woke up to find the croc lying right across their caravan doorstep.

The Daily Mail Australia reports that the group heard a commotion outside before being warned, ‘don’t come outside’, by park staff and holidaymakers.

Nyomi Hogan from the park told the newspaper that she was woken up by a guest telling her there was a croc in the park.

“I thought it was going to be a small juvenile croc, which is not an issue usually, but it was a 2.5m croc – a completely different situation,” Ms Hogan said. “It was serious, but also quite humorous at the time.”

crocodile in caravan park

The Daily Mail said the croc sat outside the caravan for an hour as the park manager rang around and spoke to others about subduing it.

Ms Hogan said the occupants of the caravan were initially upset about being disturbed.

“They came out to give us a mouthful, saying ‘can you go take your conversation somewhere else, we are trying to sleep’,” he told the Daily Mail.

But the unhappy campers soon bid a hasty retreat when they saw the crocodile.

The reptile was eventually caught and tied up before rangers came to collect it.

‘With the dogs and the food from the barbecues and everything like that, the smells would sort of entice him to come in,” Ranger Jaylan Marshall told the Daily Mail.

He said that, as dry season comes to an end, tourists still need to stay ‘crocwise’.

“Even if the water does look very tempting especially at this time of year you still have to be very vigilant with these guys hanging around,” Mr Marshall told 9News.

  • Have you ever had a crocodile in or near your camping area? Comment below.
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Peter Wilson
7 days ago

That croc doesn’t look like he’s payed his site fees, pay up or get thrown out

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