Eek! Campsite thieves can (and do) strike anywhere!

Published: October 13, 2021

Thefts from campsites and caravan parks are an ongoing issue, but many  grey nomads think it’s really only a problem near towns or in popular destinations … but they’d be wrong!

A group of charity hikers in Tasmania have been left stunned after a backpack with $1,000 worth of equipment was stolen in a remote area of the state.

The theft occurred at the Hardstaff Creek campsite on the Penguin Cradle Trail.

The Tasmanian Ranger Association had just begun its Ranger Relay, which involved a month-long 525km hiking, cycling and kayaking navigation of Tasmania from Penguin to Cockle Creek.

The group was raising funds for the forest rangers of Timor Leste’s only national park Nino Konis Santana.

However, the first group of hikers had only completed walked 13 kilometres from Penguin through the Dial Range when the unthinkable happened.

Tasmanian Rangers Association chair Brendan Moodie, told the Advocate newspaper that it was ‘very sad’.

“They got to the campsite and stashed the backpack so [the ranger] could go out and pick up some other gear,” he said. “She was only away for about half an hour or so and when she got back the pack was gone.”

Mr Moodie said the ranger had been forced to abandon her involvement in the Relay, and was in the process of trying to organise replacement hiking gear, which he estimated to be worth more than $1000.

He said the items stolen included a 65L One Planet brand hiking backpack, a Jetboil camp stove, Mountain Designs brand goretex waterproof outerwear, a Kindle and other personal items.

“It’s not something we had planned for or anyone else had really thought about,” he said. “And it’s especially sad because it is a fundraising challenge, and because the ranger won’t be able to continue.”

 A Tasmania Police spokesperson confirmed they had received a report of the theft, and it was being investigated.

“Police are investigating a report of bushwalking equipment stolen in the Penguin Cradle Trail area on Saturday,” the spokesperson told the Advocate. “A bushwalker left their pack unattended … when the bushwalker returned the pack was no longer there.”

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9 months ago

There will always be grubs that spoil it for everyone.Sad but true.

Ric Moffet
9 months ago

Their are more grubs that do this in Australia then I have come across anywhere else. These people like most Aussies, are not brought up right, don’t have any sense or morals at all. I don’t leave anything anywhere these days. It could be the friendly postman, the friendly caravaner, your neighbour, just any Australian, wanting to steal from you.

9 months ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

Whole country seems to be full of crooks. There was a chap cycled the globe. Never had an issue. Come to Australia first week bike was pinched.
Politicians, some business a few bad cops disappointingly there are thieves everywhere here

9 months ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

If you really feel like this then go back where you came from! We’ve been robbed while travelling but it is still only once in a whole 10 months lap around Australia.

9 months ago
Reply to  LoraineS

Only robbed once in ten months.
Really, Loraine.
That happen to be once too often.
Lazy scumbags who pinch stuff from other people don’t get any sympathy from me.

6 months ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

That’s a bit harsh not ALL Aussies are like that at all.

Pat from the Top End.
9 months ago

The good news is…
The grubs are a minority, so don’t let those low life buggers grind you down.
Travel safe and be HAPPY…!

9 months ago

The Human. It, began on day 1 when 2 met; from that moment the Race began. This may have happened in Tasi?

9 months ago

I have personally witnessed Scum targeting tourists in hot spots in the Kimberlys car parks they have walky-talkies and tell their mate what you are wearing who is waiting at the hot spot and when you arrive he tells his mate and gives him the all-clear and then breaks into your car, he also warns if any other people are returning to the car park, Don’t leave valuables unattended.

Angelo Carlotto
9 months ago
Reply to  Harry

Obviously stole the walkie talkie from another victim previously.

9 months ago

Yay Pat! Yes let’s not be put off by this lousy minority. If anything it means we all need to look after each other when we are on our travels. Hey, I can remember when I was a kid in Adelaide, no-one locked their doors until the first robbery, so it’s not really all that different. (and yes that memory was 60 years ago!)

John Eller
9 months ago

A friend of mine had a bicycle stolen the night before she was to set of to ride to raise funds for Cancer Research . Luckily a nice local loaned her another bike to allow her to do the ride.

Keith Whittaker
9 months ago

Seems we need to start setting trail camo cameras to catch these lowlifes. I wonder what the success rate would be if the photos were given to police ?

9 months ago

Keith Whittaker – Absolute zero! Theft every where is causing the base value of inquiry ignition to rise. Viz. A car theft is barely worth reporting as there is too much other more pressing crime to handle with our under funded force. The chance of finding, less the courts interest in prosecution with any worthwhile out come for the victim renders a bush backpack not much more than a talking point over coffee. Want to fix it, good luck. Many have tried and mostly failed. Lets look at our polies, they will show us how to fix crime. Societies influencers???

9 months ago

Locks are only for honest people. Don’t make it easy for thieves. Friends just had a large electric scooter stolen from beside their motorhome in Hervey Bay. The Esplanade caravan parks are fair game for thieves at Hervey Bay. Backpackers like to steal clothing, towels and toiletries. Never leave clothes on the line overnight. By and large most of the travelling community is pretty good although I have heard a few nomads boast about removing fittings and other items from parks etc.

Laura Cunningham
9 months ago

“although I have heard a few nomads boast about removing fittings and other items from parks etc.”
Hopefully you reported these boastful grubs to someone who could follow up.

9 months ago

Happens all the time. As someone who has worked in a caravan park and now owns a caravan and camping store, I can say the nomads are worse than the backpackers and family tourists when it comes to theft. So disappointing…

donald huller
9 months ago

we always lock up in the annexx the engal i now leave in th back of the ute with a security cable and siren lock a mate had his generater stolen from his ute that he bought for $50.00 they still stole it

Guy Williams
9 months ago

I even wheel lock the caravan, but they still take the fire wood.

9 months ago

Nothing will stop this sort of thieving happening, if caught the judges simply slap their wrists, no forced compensation for loss or damage caused, it’s a big joke regardless of how many times they come before a judge.

Most tourist hot spots and caravan parks are targets, most have web pages, I suggest putting cameras on your rigs and covering areas around your precious gear then posting any ones photos who tampers with or steal your property on the locations web sight, these scum are nearly all ways repeat offenders, or put them up on the grey nomads web sight with the location and details.

Button or pin hole cameras are tiny self contained units now days and cheap.
Insurance companies don’t compensate you for your inconveniance or delays caused by theft but they just might be interested in photos that identify offenders.

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