Ooops! Most embarrassing caravanning blunder ever?

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Caravanner hits fuel pump
A caravanner's misjudgement sparked a bit of a drama! PIC: Naomi Valley Independent

Ooooops! It’s one of those extremely embarrassing incidents that every grey nomad hopes and prays never happens to them … but one that that does, unfortunately, occasionally happen to some careless or unlucky soul.

‘Red Face of the Day’ award goes to the caravanner who accidentally caused a diesel spill at Gunnedah’s Caltex petrol station.

Fire and Rescue Gunnedah captain Dave Welch told the Namoi Valley Independent that the accident occurred ‘unbeknownst’ to the driver.

“The caravan has clipped the bowser and torn the hose off the pump, unbeknownst to them, and the fuel’s spilled out,” he said.

Gunnedah fuel station spill caused by caravan

It’s a sight no grey nomad wants to see in the rearview mirror! PIC: Naomi Valley Independent

Fire and Rescue crews from Gunnedah and Tamworth helped with the clean-up process, using Fire and Rescue absorbent and sand provided by Gunnedah Shire Council to cover the spilled spots.

Mr Welch said crews also tested drains on the street to ensure everything was safe.

“We’ve tested it at the storm water drains and there’s no evidence of anymore diesel down the drain,” he said.

On the caravanner’s level of embarrassment scale, knocking into a fuel bowser is pretty high up there … but maybe not quite as high as getting your angles wrong and getting wedged on a busy bridge!

As we reported in October last year, that was the

Caravan stuck on bridge

FLASHBACK … This caravanner had an equally embarrassing incident on a busy bridge late last year. PIC: Contributed / Nambucca Guardian

fate of one mortified caravanner who held up traffic on the busy Macksville Bridge on the New South Wales mid north coast.

  • What is the most embarrassing ‘incident’ you have had with your caravan or motorhome? Comment below.
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5 Responses to Ooops! Most embarrassing caravanning blunder ever?

  1. Looking at the photo of the petrol station there is no way I would have gone in there towing our van.

    • I took a coach and trailer (19mts long) had no problem.great staff,very friendly.

  2. The console operator must have left the pump running as when you finish refueling the tank the pump shuts off automatically.

  3. Getting stuck under a tree branch in a drive through, in a caravan park.

  4. No way can fuel pour out of a pump unless it is turned on, as above pump automatically turns off when nozzel is hung up.Console operator error.

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