No serious injuries after caravan rolls on highway

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Grey nomad in caravan rollover
Emergency services rushed to the scene. PIC: Brisbane Times

A caravanner has had a lucky escape after a nasty rollover on Queensland’s Bruce Highway this morning.

The driver, believed to be a man in his 50s, suffered only minor injuries after his car and the caravan it was towing rolled over near Federal on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

The Gympie Times reports that the man was assessed at the scene by paramedics but declined transport to a hospital.

Northbound traffic on the highway was delayed while emergency services treated the man and worked to clear the wreckage from the road.

There have been concerted efforts by police and traffic authorities in recent times to lessen the number of caravan rollovers which regularly occur on Australia’s highways and byways.

These events can be hugely traumatic for travellers and, all too often, the living the dream lifestyle is turned into a nightmare in the blink of an eye.

Here, retirees Fran and Geoff recall how one little wobble changed everything for them.

And here, grey nomads Geoff and Gloria Hillier talk about how they are still traumatised by a rollover which happened to them back in 2016.

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3 Responses to No serious injuries after caravan rolls on highway

  1. I bought my van and towed away November 2019 and it was the FIRST thing I ever towed in my life. Fortunately, I chose a reputable manufacturer with well balanced vans. No ESC on the van and no WDH.

    You keep reporting all this as if the driver was a fool. Why aren’t you looking at the manufacturer? If my van is OK on the Bruce Highway, over Toowoomba bypass, doing the dirt to and from Birdsville and on some decidedly rough major highways in NSW and I was new to towing, why can’t ALL vans be like this?


    • Claytons attended and cleaned up. The cause of this unfortunate incident was a blown rear tyre on the tow vehicle, a Prado. Check out Clayton`s FB page and their story.
      I fail to see how this report makes out the driver to be a fool.

      On Utube there are several demonstration videos of what happens when a van is loaded incorrectly, which is the cause of the tail wagging the dog, too much weight behind the axle/s, clearly not the cause in this incident.

    • Not wise to assume a good van/ rig will avoid an accident.
      You can have a good van but poor driver and have a crash
      You can have a rotten bad van but great driver and have no crash.
      All depends on scenario and circumstance however in most crashes driver is at fault some how, sometimes by choice or inadvertently

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