Number of travellers going to South Australia surges

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Eyre Peninsula is loved by grey nomads
The unspoilt beauty of the Eyre Peninsula is a big drawcard.

New data from the South Australian Tourism Commission shows a big jump in tourist numbers … with the Eyre Peninsula helping to show the way.

In the five years from September, 2014, to September, 2019, domestic and international overnight visits to the state grew 22% to 468,000, while spending grew by an eye-popping 32%.

The allure of the Eyre Peninsula helped South Australia to reach a $7.8 billion tourism spend during that five-year period.

Lynton Brown from Ceduna’s Shelly Beach Caravan Park told the West Coast Sentinel that it was very clear that tourism was on the up and up.

“Over the last two or three years we have seen a significant increase in traffic on the road,” he said. “Some people free camp, but people come to Ceduna to launch for the Nullarbor, or use it as a first destination after it, and the market has grown and we are seeing caravan parks increase in business.”

Mr Brown said that Eyre Peninsula’s untouched beauty was the big drawcard.

“The Eyre Peninsula’s coastal line is a selling point and there are beaches that are untouched, even in a busy period like the Easter weekend you can have a beach to yourself,” he said. “The beauty is in its isolation and it has room to grow as a region.”

The Streaky Bay District Council’s community and economic development manager Penny Williams said they were also seeing growth in the region, especially from domestic tourists.

“We have seen strong growth through our region, especially with the Little Islands Caravan Park and the council development of the Discovery Park which has increased occupancy rates there as well,” she told the West Coast Sentinel. “Self-drive tourism remains our highest area.”

South Australian Tourism Commission chief executive Rodney Harrex congratulated Eyre Peninsula on its growth.

“This is a fantastic result for South Australia and a huge credit to our hard-working tourism operators around the state,” he told the Sentinel. “The strong regional results to date are a great sign…it’s easy to see why we are seeing such strong results in our regions, and there is a positive outlook ahead.”

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2 Responses to Number of travellers going to South Australia surges

  1. Heading to the outback…much safer ..

  2. Will be on the Eyre Peninsula late April. Really looking forward to explore and catching up with new found travellers and a cousin who live on either side of the Peninsula!

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