Man questioned over fiery crash ‘did nothing wrong’

Published: March 12, 2021
Grey nomads injured in caravan crash

The man who was initially blamed for running a grey nomad couple off the road sparking a fiery crash in Victoria last week did absolutely nothing wrong, according to a friend of his friend who was on the scene.

Jon Curry, has told the Riverine Herald that he was following behind his 37-year-old friend when the accident occurred.

He said his friend was driving a black LandCruiser towing a ski boat and moved to overtake a red Toyta LandCruiser that was towing a white caravan.

According to initial reports, the red LandCruiser and caravan were forced off the road and then caught fire.

“I was behind them when it happened and the caravan was loaded and became unstable on the road,” Mr Curry told the Riverine Herald. “It was no fault of his at all.”

The male driver of the car, a 73-year-old man and his 71-year-old female passenger both suffered serious injuries and were airlifted to hospital.

“I was first on the scene and grabbed my fire extinguisher from my jetski and tried to put the fire out but it was too small,” said Mr Curry. “I pulled the man out of the car before it burst into flames … the man had a bad gash on his head and didn’t look too good, the woman didn’t seem too bad as she was walking around.

The Riverine Herald reports that the elderly man is in a critical condition awaiting spinal surgery while the woman is in a serious but stable condition.

“The first we heard that police were looking for the driver was on Facebook that night,” Mr Curry told the newspaper. “When we saw that we rang police immediately and they told us investigators would call us back in the morning.”

Police then released a statement saying the man had handed himself in.

“We told police what happened and they released him without charge,” Mr Curry said. “He’s being blamed for all this when its not his fault … he’s not doing too well at the moment.”

Acting Sergeant Rebecca Watkins of Mansfield police told the Riverine Herald that police were still investigating the crash.

She confirmed police had spoken to the man and he had been released pending further inquiries. No charges have been laid at this stage.

“The collision is still an active investigation,” she said. “We are still taking statements from others involved and we are attempting to locate other witnesses to obtain statement from them.”

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10 months ago

Typical case of GUILTY till proven INNOCENT!!!
Trial by media.

greg larkens
10 months ago
Reply to  Louise

Yes Louise it seems to be the way our entitled society enjoys behaving. The traditional media are bad enough but the speculation and uneducated waffle on Social Media is turning society into a lynch mob.

10 months ago

Then why did he not stop further ahead.?…..he would certainly have seen the vehicle loose control when merging back to his lane

Tony Leahy
10 months ago

The statement ” the caravan was loaded and became unstable” is very misleading.Is he saying the caravan was overloaded and if so how did he know? All caravans on the road are loaded unless they are being ferried empty. Did it become unstable because the road was narrow and the driver of the caravan had to move off the shoulder onto a pitted gravel surface to give the driver room to pass? Mr Curry has given little detail here to back up his claims.

10 months ago

Oh, so many experts out there. Give me a break.

Phillip Morgan
10 months ago

Hope ever one’s Ok, things happen

Greg 1
10 months ago

We can all be armchair experts. I just wish the police would release their findings when their investigation is complete so that we could all get a bit of education.

Steve B
10 months ago

I recommend that EVERYONE holds on to their thoughts/comments/ opinions/ use of ‘media’ until the Plods finish their crash investigation.
Steve B.

10 months ago

There are many vans out there that are prone to sway when towing. I don’t know that this had anything to do with the incident but it is possible, as the passing manoeuvre can disturb the air flow past the van and set off the sway. This is particularly if the van had not been loaded properly or if the van had an inherent design issue whereby heavy loads are located at the front and rear of the van, which sadly is often the case. Agree with previous comment though that we who do not have all the facts should not be jumping to conclusions

Graeme Parr
10 months ago
Reply to  dave

Agreed and excellent comment.

10 months ago

I would like to know how the friend knew the van was overloaded!?, without x-ray vision no one would know this. what is fact, many other drivers have on dash cams, of the said car with boat over taking many times before he attempted the over taking of 6 vehicles, now in anyone’s mind, that is just not right. I have driven all around Australia, I have never over taking 6 vehicles while towing a van or in this case a boat.

10 months ago
Reply to  laurie

Read the post and tell me where it says overloaded

10 months ago

I have often seen caravans get “the wobbles” and not all drivers are aware that it may not be a good move to use your brakes when this happens. But the general public was not there at the time and should leave it to the police to work out if there is any blame to apportion.

10 months ago

Basic fact checking will tell you Mr Curry was neither first on the scene, nor was he responsible for pulling anyone out of the car. I could keep listing discrepancies, however feel enough time has been wasted on this less-than-credible version of events. Wishing a speedy recovery to those hurt and may justice be served.

Guy Williams
10 months ago

Lucky that there was some one there to pull the driver out.


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