Man injured as ‘fly spray’ blast rips through caravan

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Caravan explosion caused by fly spray
Handle with care .., especially inside a caravan!

A man has been injured after an explosion ripped through his caravan at a van park in Blackall, Central Queensland.

He was rushed to hospital after suffering injuries to both his legs. The Morning Bulletin reports that the man was inside the van at the time.

The force of the blast was so strong that it reportedly blew the door off its hinges.

No other injuries were reported. Firefighters stayed at the scene for around 30 minutes.

It is understood bug spray contributed to the explosion.

The incident is not the first time that fighting back against bugs has caused an explosion in a caravan. Earlier this year, we reported that grey nomad Grant Ottewill lost his eyebrows when a flash of flame filled his van.

The luckless grey nomad had used fly spray to try to kill some invading mozzies and then used on of those special racquets which sparks when a bug is zapped to finish the job.

However, that spark ignited the fly spray in the van and there a huge whoosh.

“I lost part of my eyebrows and my hair and it burnt the skin and left me with a red forehead,” said Grant. “It’s lucky I wear glasses, so my eyes were safe … be wary though, that fly spray from an aerosol can is flammable.”

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  1. “Bug Spray” is not an Australian term. Lets lose the Americanisms.

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