Motorhome blaze sparks new smoke alarm appeal

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Fire crews battle the motorhome blaze at Forth. PIC: Anne Ponsonby / Advocate

A motorhome parked in a camping area in Tasmania has been completely destroyed by fire. The incident at the Forth Football Ground left a Victorian  man with minor burns.

Crews from the TFS eventually extinguished the motorhome blaze. The full details of the fire are not yet known, and investigations are ongoing.

The Forth Football Ground camping area for self-contained vehicles is managed by the Lions Club and is a popular site due to its close proximity to the Spirit of Tasmania dock at Devonport.

Following the terrifying incident, the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) has once again urged grey nomads and all caravanners and motorhomers to install smoke alarms in their vehicles. The New South Wales Fire and Rescue has previously warned that caravans and campervans have limited escape options in the event of a fire.

“You may have just a few seconds to get out of a burning caravan as they are made of lightweight and highly combustible materials and fittings,” it said. “Fires can accelerate frighteningly fast, therefore receiving a warning from a smoke alarm may mean the difference between life and death.”

Since February 25, 2011, it has been a legal requirement in New South Wales for all moveable dwellings to have a smoke alarm installed, including caravans and motorhomes.

Former Fire & Rescue NSW Commissioner, Greg Mullins, said at the time that the arguments were compelling.

“They’re cheap and easy to install, so there’s no excuse to not have a working smoke alarm in your RV, motorhome, campervan, caravan or mobile home,” he said. “You must install a smoke alarm fitted with a hush button that meets the Australian Standard (AS3786). FRNSW recommends that the smoke alarm is a photoelectric type alarm.”

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One Response to Motorhome blaze sparks new smoke alarm appeal

  1. A frightening experience for sure. I changed my smoke alarm to a combination carbon monoxide/smoke alarm. That way I am covered both ways. It has a 10 year battery fitted and a green light that flashes every minute to let you know it is actually working. I hope to keep it that way too. I don’t want to know the other way if it is working. If the green light stops flashing then I will just buy a new unit all together.

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