Free camping is back at Victoria’s national parks

Published: April 2, 2015

Victoria has done an abrupt about turn and reversed its controversial decision to impose camping fees at 70 basic campgrounds around the state.

Campers were up in arms last July when the Napthine Government introduced a $13 a night charge … but that unpopular fee has now been axed.

Anyone who has already booked over the Easter long weekend will get a refund from Parks Victoria.

“You can’t put a price on the beauty of our national parks,” said Environment Minister, Lisa Neville in announcing the change of heart. “We want Victorian families to have an affordable holiday and get a chance to experience our great national parks.”

The Herald-Sun reports that the state’s 500 basic campsites across 70 campgrounds are unserviced and have pit toilets or no toilets at all.

They are found in areas including Mornington Peninsula National Park, Bunyip State Park, Lerderderg State Park, parts of the Great Otway National Park, Lake Eildon, and Mt Baw Baw.

* Is this a sign that commonsense might start to prevail when it comes to budget camping? Comment below.

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Faye Hunt
7 years ago

Well if enough people like me, sent them a telephone call as well as a letter, the message should have got through to someone’s thick head. And if they think $13 is what they were charging it is not what I saw in a letter, written by the National Parks, at a local shop along the Great Ocean Road of $37.80 for a family of six, which I would assume is the same cost for one person, like me! The phone call and letter represented 30 people, I felt I was speaking for. So other people’s disgust should have added for each phone call 10 people and letters 20 people. So the message is, still keep phoning and writing folks, as something has happened since Christmas to change their minds!

7 years ago

I think its a good idea to have basic camps. When I had kids I really never had much cash so went bush/free camped so as long as u don’t expect a lot bells and whistles that’s great.
good to see a govt do stuff for average joe

Liz peace
7 years ago

Sounds like common sense, campers spend lots of money whilst travelling and for young and old the sense of freedom is what they’re looking for!

7 years ago

Thank you labor government.

5 years ago

Free camping in Mornington Peninsula National Park?! Where exactly?


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