Adelaide offers free surfing as WiFi plans roll out

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Free WiFi will be available in Adelaide
Free WiFi will be available in Adelaide

For many grey nomads, being able to keep in constant contact with friends and family ‘back home’ has been a critical element in their love of life on the open road.
The arrival of the smartphone has helped dramatically, and made that emailed grandchild birthday photo all the more accessible. They are not for everybody though and that’s why the rollout of free WiFi at various venues and locations across the country has been so welcomed.
Adelaide is set to become Australia’s first capital to offer free outdoor wi-fi in the city centre. The South Australian government and Adelaide City Council plan to provide free internet coverage in public areas such as Rundle Mall, Victoria Square and the Riverbank precinct by the end of next year.
A feasibility study has already been undertaken and proposals are being sought from IT businesses to develop and operate the project.
The city service would help workers, shoppers, students, restaurant goers, tourists and Premier Jay Weatherill said similar public WiFi initiatives had already been successfully introduced in overseas cities such as Prague, Singapore and Auckland.
The government is already running a 12-month trial of free WiFi on all Adelaide Metro trams and 20 buses.
It seems likely that as the months and years roll on, more and more cities and towns will follow suit as they seek to cater to the demand from on-the-go travellers.
In New South Wales, Sydney’s Waverley Council has just switched on a free wifi network for visitors to Bondi Beach. The network is being run on a trial basis for two years.

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