Fuel price hike will hurt budget-minded nomads

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Grey nomads will be hit by fuel price rises
Many grey nomads will be hurt by price rises at the bowser

Australia’s grey nomads are expected to be among those hit hardest by the proposed half a cent increase to petrol tax.

Starting from November 10, the petrol tax will rise from 38.14 cents per litre to 38.6 cents per litre and, from next February, the twice yearly increases will be in line with inflation.

Industry groups reportedly fear that the excise will hit tourism, with claims that grey nomads will plan shorter trips and spend less money in country towns.

National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill told the Brisbane Courier-Mail that that the shock increase would hurt retirees.

“Retirees on small, fixed budgets, will certainly feel the pinch at the bowser,’’ he  said.

And the RACQ motoring organisation said that, next to groceries, fuel is one of our biggest weekly bills.

“Even a just small increase will be felt when the cost of living is so high,’’ RACQ .spokeswoman Renee Smith told the Courier-Mail.

The Government says it does not expect its measure will lead to increases in the cost of groceries, fruit and vegetables, but it estimates 50 litres of fuel will soon cost motorists approximately 40 cents more. However, the Australian Automobile Association says that, over the next three to four years with forward estimates built in, the cost could be as much as $2 or $3 per 50 litres extra.

  • How much fuel do you use in an average week? How will a fuel cost increase of 40 cents per 50 litres affect the way you travel, and the way you spend as you travel? Comment below.

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6 Responses to Fuel price hike will hurt budget-minded nomads

  1. once again abbuts is taking from the poor to give to the rich and big end of town.

  2. Any increase in anything will effect everyone
    But it would be good if it was to go into fixing the road network as better roads would counteract the increase but we all know that, THAT wont happen don’t we
    This just means that some café owners will miss out on us having a coffee with them as the money we would have spent at the café will now be spent at the fuel pump

  3. it will inpact us as we only get about 360 kl on a 80 ltr tank which is not real good we carry 2 jerry cans with us and try to fill up cheap when we can and find the 4cents off when fill 120 lts helps

  4. How does an increase in the cost of fuel not lead to an increase in the cost of groceries, fruit and vegetables – everything! ? Are they for real ? Of course it will be passed on to the consumer. So we will be hit double !

  5. Just came from Victoria to NSW with diesel being anything from 136.9 to 161.9 per litre, sometimes in the same town. How would you notice half a cent rise per litre.? For example, Bairnsdale Vic had 136.9 at IGA serv, 141.9 at United servo and 146.9 at BP

  6. I doubt if anyone would notice the increase. With the fluctuation in pump prices from servo to servo and the lure of cheaper prices through shopper dockets, the basic fuel price is an unknown figure. Many people drive all over town chasing the cheapest price to possibly save 2 cents per litre and then squeeze 50 litres into their tank. Saved a dollar today but cost you 5 to get it. Go figure! 40 cents for 50 litres is only a drop in the ocean. Can,t see how it could affect anyone. Now shoot me down.

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