Man, 74, fighting for life after caravan explosion

Published: August 13, 2016
Grey nomads in caravan fire

A suspected gas explosion has ripped through a caravan on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula leaving a 74-year-old man fighting for his life.

The subsequent fire at Sundowner Willows Caravan Park in Rosebud West completely gutted the man’s caravan.

The Age newspaper reports that the explosion was heard by a neighbour in the van park who rushed to the scene, and was able to pull the victim to safety.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said the man was flown to The Alfred hospital suffering burns to 40% of his body.

His injuries are described as ‘life-threatening’.

Police say they do not believe the fire was suspicious, but was triggered by a gas explosion.

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5 years ago

When will they legislate fitment of gas detectors in vans and RV’s, like most other Western countries?

5 years ago
Reply to  Delboy

Good point as new/current vans have smoke detectors fitted.
Considering many caravans are occupied by low income travellers, it could be a valuable and pro-active initiative afforded by the caravan industry to make available low cost gas and carbon monoxide detectors.

5 years ago

Dont cook in the van people. No Gas no dramas. Cook outside. If you have a drama at least it is outside. And I do not mean from attached outside kitchen but my own outside kitchen. If Gas problem happens it is out side. Much easier to deal with. Happening to much. Regular gas chechs may help. Hope he recovers

5 years ago

As a retired Gas Fitter, I’ve said this so many times.. It’s not the gas/ appliances which cause issues, LPG has a very strong additive to make it smell so, don’t take chances! If you smell it turn off the gas at the bottle, and have it ‘professionally’ tested. Commonsensens ‘think’,,,


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