Grasshopper plague spoils Gulf Country Happy Hour

Published: June 22, 2015

Grey nomads heading north to the idyllic Gulf Country town of Karumba are being warned that fish aren’t likely to be the only creatures getting their heart rates rising this year.

The dry season mecca, which is located about 70 kilometres from Normanton in north west Queensland, is currently enduring a grasshopper plague that’s driving locals and visitors to distraction.

One resident, Ron Moore, told the ABC that the critters were ruining Happy Hour.

“We normally sit outside to have a coldie and when the sun starts to set they come in plague proportions,” he said. “They hit you on the head and bash into you.”

Apparently, the only time to avoid the grasshoppers is very early on in the morning and there is a gradual build-up during the day, with dusk being a bit of a nightmare.

  • Have you run into the Karumba grasshoppers yet? Have you experienced a plague of any creatures while on your big trip? Comment below.
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