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Grey Nomad Times for Austraian grey nomads
The Grey Nomad Times 60 is on the streets

Christmas has some early … the latest wildly entertaining edition of the Grey Nomad Times is on the streets!

In GNT Issue 60, we find out why campers and day visitors at numerous beauty spots could soon be at loggerheads. We also meet a solo traveller who is at home on the road, try on a cap that will stop you falling asleep at the wheel, and reveal what the coolest grey nomads will be wearing at campgrounds this Christmas. Oh, and Jaclyn and Heidi also help a dog-loving couple to recover their Big Lap mojo.

All that, and stacks of thought-provoking letters, a head-scratching quiz and a couple of great travel tips besides.

So, what are you waiting for? Get reading!  Enjoy!

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