Grey nomads among those caught driving on drugs

Published: October 13, 2015
Grey nomads in caravans and motorhomes caught in drugs dragnet

While the use of drugs as a way of helping to stay alert for long stints behind the wheel is – rightly or wrongly – commonly associated with truckies, it seems that some grey nomads are also guilty of the crime.

In the past six months of the 403 drivers tested on Queensland’s Fraser Coast for the presence of speed, ice, ecstasy or cannabis, some 97 gave positive readings.

And police have been shocked to find that the offenders do not always fit the generally youthful stereotype.

“We are finding that some of our grey nomads are testing positive,” Maryborough District Acting Superintendent Stephen Donnelly told the Fraser Coast Chronicle. “And in some senses it can be more dangerous (than drink driving).”

Roadside drug tests are conducted by police in conjunction with random breath tests for alcohol, but only on people they believe may be driving under the influence of an illegal substance.

Drug driving is categorised as one of the Fatal Five factors which contribute to deadly crashes on Queensland roads.

* Are you surprised to hear that some grey nomads are driving while under the influence of drugs? Do you think some caravanners and motorhomers push themselves too hard and sometimes do too many kilometres per day? Comment below.

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6 years ago

I am old enough to remember some of the so called hippie years
the saying was
sex drugs and rock and roll
so why arnt some of us still enjoying some of the same

Possum 3
6 years ago

I have been a major incident investigator for over 15 years, part of my brief is drug and alcohol testing. Although I have detected senior executives over 50 using recreational drugs, the majority of persons over 50 detected with impairment levels of drugs were genuinely unaware that the pain relief medications they were using were opiate based – such as codeine, etc.
Many Nomads take pain medications as a matter of course for the aches and pains that beleaguer us as we age.
Being unaware of the dangers of our medications causing impairment many continue to drive – this unawareness will not, and should not, reduce the penalties for driving under the influence of drugs.
We must be aware that if we are taking (even over the counter) medications, pain relief and cold/flu pills and potions – you may be impaired and be risking your life and the life of other road users.

6 years ago

doesn’t surprise me


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