Grey nomads hit by falling gum tree on highway

Published: November 15, 2013
Gum tree falling over on grey nomads

Driving thousands of kilometres on the highways and byways of Australia is by its very nature a hazardous venture … but it’s not necessarily your actions, or even the actions of other drivers, that can bring you too strife.

A grey nomad couple had a miraculous escape after their vehicle was hit by a falling tree on the Glenelg Highway in Victoria.

The husband and wife were in a 4WD towing their caravan at Wannon near Hamilton when a large gum came down.

The tree struck the A-pillar of their 4WD before bouncing up, hitting the back of the vehicle and then landing on the caravan, causing severe damage.

Hamilton police said the couple from Adelaide were uninjured but extremely shaken up.

The highway was closed while fallen tree and damaged caravan were cleared.

Have you ever had a ‘too-close’ encounter with a gum tree? What’s the most unexpected hazard you’ve faced on the road? Comment below.

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Brian Stiles,
8 years ago

Riding over Mt Hotham last Monday night in exceptionally strong winds and a Snow Blizzard,
On my Motor Cycle, It was keep going or getting stuck on the mountain and freezing to death,
Two Bikes didnt make it and had to be flatbedded over the top,
I stopped once and nearly didnt get it moving again,
Motor cycles in snow is suicidal,
All 12 riders made it safely over,
We could not turn around or stop, It was just too risky,
I think I have frost bite in my left hand, The fingers are still numb,

8 years ago

Back in 60’s in the UK I used to ride on snow and black ice nearly every day in the middle of winter and there was no taking a sickie, it was no show no pay BRRRRR.


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