Grey nomads in heaven as Red Centre goes green

Published: February 26, 2015

The Red Centre has been transformed into the green centre by recent rains … and grey nomads and other travellers are loving it.

The ABC reports that, after flooding last month, the banks of the Todd River are covered in lush, green grass, and there are many waterholes in the region still filled with clear water and buzzing with local wildlife.

Michael Romeo of the Barrow Creek Hotel, north of Alice Springs, said visitors were being surprised by the scenery.

“Our usual annual rainfall is about 12-and-a-half inches (317.5 millimetres), we’ve had 10-and-a-half inches (266.5 millimetres) so far,” he told the ABC recently.

“You get tourists coming in thinking it’s supposed to be the Red Centre and supposed to be like a desert, but it’s green and there’s water.”

  • Have you found the ‘Red’ Centre greener than you expected? Where else have you visited that has surprised you by being different to the way you imagined it? Comment below.
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7 years ago

we are going on the road next MARCH our trip will be up the centre and down the west coast then back home to victoria
any advice


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