NT urges grey nomads to go to ‘a better place’

Published: July 30, 2015

The Northern Territory has launched a massive advertising campaign to encourage grey nomads and others to visit … by playing on their fear of death.

The NT Government is spending $1.4 million on a new “It’s about time … do the NT” campaign that will be seen on television, YouTube, social media and in cinemas.

The adverts talk show various sombre-looking people talking about loved ones who have “gone”, before revealing it is to the Territory rather than the ‘other side’.

Click ere to see one of the ads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km2DxCyWNyU

The director of domestic marketing for Tourism NT, Tony Quarmby, told the ABC that the new campaign came after research showed the NT needed to change the focus of its tourism advertisements.

“This segment [being targeted] isn’t actually paying too much attention to our usual ads, so we have had to approach this ad differently in a creative way,” he said.

Apparently, previous adverts have been successful at attracting so-called ‘intenders’ who already had definite plans to visit the NT, the new campaign is focused on ‘considerers’ who had less certain plans to visit the Territory.

“We have played on the humorous idea of mortality. You know, waiting too long and you will end up going to a better place,” Mr Quarmby told the ABC. “In this instance the better place is the NT.”

He said the advertisements were created to portray a sense of urgency.

“We are trying to give them that idea of mortality and embed that sense of urgency so they book now rather than wait until one day in the future,” he said.

* What do you think of the new ads? Does it make you want to get to the NT now rather than ‘at some stage’? Comment below.

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John B. Rodgers
7 years ago

We have just cut and pasted the link to all our friends on our email list.
It is on our bucket list

7 years ago

If you are coming down the WA coast from NT very soon there will be alcohol restriction through the
Kimberley’s where you will only be allowed to purchase one days supply per person per day. This will mean that to travel from Kununurra to Port Headland the number of days you want to stay at places like Mary River might be a pretty dry argument for you.

Rob Jones
7 years ago
Reply to  TommyG

Hello Tommy G,
Haven’t seen anything in The West about the alcohol ban.
Is it fact or did you hear it from a bloke who heard it from a bloke etc

Steve Cox
7 years ago

Hmmm, when are tourism marketing people going to realise that there’s a great number of Grey Nomads who travel with their pets but the locations advertised are at most far from pet friendly.


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